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The Shore: A Novel - Sara Taylor

The Shore by Sara Taylor
Wanted to read this book because it's about islands off the eastern coast-similar to a place where I grew up.
Major differences are evident right from the start. The community does not help one another out.
Although this is an ARC there are missing pieces: the family tree. That would explain why the book seems to be random chapters of things
happening to people that live on the island. Also the dates on the chapters go from the 1800's to the 1900's. Book follows a family that lives
on the islands generations ago and in the future.  Where the island I grew up on I'd be able to rely on others the islands in this book are
brutal. Some are lucky to have left once they've been abused enough. The men tend to think they hold the power in their hands and they are GOD.
The women, even though some stand up to the abusive men, get caught up in the island and the way things are done, taken for granted.
It's a game of survival, only the strongest will survive. Did enjoy the talk of the black magic and island natural habitats and untouched places.
Thought a few scenes didn't have to be so graphic and have dreams of them still at night after reading the book. Felt like I was there observing the rape
as it happened and found myself helpless. Author does an excellent job of allowing you to be there but not physically-very detailed scenes.
 The drugs, drinking, making of liquor, bullying and how the families were raised are a big part of this book.
When fighting for guardianship of our niece I was with my parents and at times told them 'you raised us too good' as we had never seen half of what
was brought before the judges in the court room. This book took me out of my comfort zone and am glad I was able to get through the whole book.
Family tree at the beginning will help you understand that you are reading about one extended family through the years.
I received this book from Library Thing in exchange for my honest review.