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one kiss

One Kiss - Martha Gross

One Kiss by Martha Gross
Nell was leaving her job to start her own company, leaving her husband and redoing her self.
She was tired of the abuse of her husband, the work she did at work others claimed they had done it.
Since she's left, gotten divorced and started her own life her daughters come back into her life and her mother and they are able to share a lot of good times.
Girls are lost in the ocean.....her husband wants to get back with her. the asst at the co. she had worked for is calling clients and telling them she had stolen the client list and not to book their appts with Nell.
Nell is able to not only start up new relationships but people they know will help find the girls in the ocean. Lots of others come into play but the most important thing I like
about this book are the different ages and work experiences people have had at makes it appealing as a good read. Steamy sex scenes and just downright romantic times.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).