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All Right Here - Carre Armstrong Gardner

All Right Here by Carre Armstrong Gardner
This book is about a husband and wife, Ivy and Nick, who after months of trying find she is not able to conceive. He doesn't want to adopt but they are on many waiting lists.
His parents want them to have children as their other kids have grandchildren for them to spoil. Ivy feels slighted among them and the sisters never allow her to become one of them.
Ivy works in a bookstore and one day the children next door are still outside when she returns home from work. She takes the colored children in and tend to their needs. The mother is nowhere to be found. Things tend to be a bit difficult, white raising black children but they do put a lot of effort forward.
Child protective services helps them get guardianship and to track down the mother. Nick's not too keen on the kids staying there for an extended length of time but adjusts.
The story also follows not only Ivys's twin sister Laura who is having an affair with her boss, and she's an alcoholic and uses drugs; but her other sisters and their families.
It's easy to keep track of who is who with all the family events. Lots of quotes from not only the Bible but poets. They all tend to pray before eating and call on God for other help along the way as emergencies arise.
Enjoyed the read.
I received this book from a contest I entered from Tynsdale House Publishers.