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Guitar Notes - Mary Amato

Guitar Notes by  Mary Amato
Was interested in reading this as I am a very beginner player of the guitar. His mom takes his guitar away for the beginning of school til he can get out of his room where he plays only the guitar all day. she wants him to make friends.
At the same time we get to follow Lila and how she is preparing for the first day of school.
Funny how Tripp takes his moms most important things away in hopes he will get his guitar back...
Lila shares the practice room. She plays the cello on odd days. Tripp plays his guitar on even numbered days.
She starts leaving him messages urging him to write songs....he writes back and they carry on this tradition every time they use the room.
Lots of drama as only teens can achieve. Love that his mom signs him up for tutoring during lunch-she has no idea he's practicing guitar at that time and he in turn signs her up for a committee.
Laughed out loud : freeze the account!  They dare and encourage each other to produce new works with their instruments.  Then a catastrophe occurs when her father finds out about their playing at a gig...songs with chords and lyrics are included.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).