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Ten Days In Paradise - Linda Abbott

Ten Days in Paradise by  Linda Abbott
Had wanted to read this book for a few reasons: I live in the northeast and we've had about 100 inches of snow this year so the cover appealed to me, A woman on the beach in front of the ocean on a bright sunny day.
Also that this is based on Sanibel Island which I've heard about but didn't get to visit when we were in that state in early 2000s.  Liked the plot.
Starts out with Ellen Bennett and she's at the resort condo without her husband and teen son.
David Blakemore is there with his wife and 3 young kids and he's taken a notice of Ellen. David  and others are getting together with parents that are celebrating their 50th wedding anniversary.
Alternating chapters that keep you informed of what's going on in each of their journeys. Feel like I am there as the details are very well described.
Story also follows George and his wife-the grandparents of the rugrats. Other family members and relatives and friends would arrive for the big party Saturday night.
Lots of characters but they are introduced when you have a handle on the previous set of characters.
Kinda like  a Peyton Place at times.....but so much more. Liked the ideas they all come up with for the church and you hope certain things happen...
Reason for the 5 star rating is that it touches me on many levels: mostly the ages and experiences that others are going through due to their ages. Reminds me of Parenthood TV show and Brothers and Sisters as up to date topics are relevant.
Love the new words I had to look up-always like learning things. Loved hearing of the things to do on Sanibel: walking and hiking especially. Their lifes are separate but intertwined with one another. Can't wait to read more from this new author to me.
I received this book from the author  in exchange for my honest review