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Near Somewhere - Edward Cozza

Near Somewhere by Edward Cuzza
Received this book and the summary seemed interesting. What I am finding the most fascinating is the trip in NYC. I feel like I'm on a guided tour of Central Park-on my list of things to do some day. So detailed and descriptive.
Book is about a man who has many connections in the cities he travels to. He lives in CA and is part of a band that has gigs at bars. He runs into women that he wants to get to know better. He also lives for his dog, Zeke which in turn attracts the women to the man.
Love the dialog between Townes and Milton the bar tender in NYC, so natural and fun. Loved hearing of the actress on the Broadway show and all the places they are able to visit.
His editor can't find anybody to pick the book up to market it and he's down in the dumps over it. Felt his pain over getting the book sold but others don't let him give in....
Love how the book got its title and the time spent at the vineyard. Very wise advice. He's got a few interested females, some on the west coast, one on the east coast and the vineyard trip dawned bright on what he must do the next day.
Lots of characters and most are easy to keep track of. Didn't read the first book and am wondering what the next book will be about as some things are left in the wind in this book.
Good read and liked how at ease Townes is when it comes to talking to others he doesn't even know. So relaxed and himself.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.