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Knitting: Box Set: The Complete Comprehensive Guide on Knitting - Susan Wilters

Knitting: Box Set: The Complete Comprehensive Guide on Knitting
This collection starts with a book for beginners where yarn fiber is discussed, needles, tools of the trade and gauge to name a few important things.
Colorful pictures along the way help to show what is being discussed. Yarn weight Numbers are new and all the symbols on how to care for the knitted item is included.
How to read the yarn labels, patterns, and how to start knitting, the besics shown with diagrams.
Patterns for small projects are included. .
Next book in the set is for advanced knitting. More abbreviations and symbol, chart reading is discussed.
Colorful photos and diagrams are also included.
Patterns are included for many different techniques. .
Expert knitting is the last set of instructions in the set.
Lot of different methods to doing things that will show a more professional garment.
Other more difficult techniques are shown along with a few patterns. Lace is worked with double knitting.
Very resourceful helpful information book, one I will be keeping on the tablet that I can reference quickly when away from home.