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Moon Spinners - Sally Goldenbaum

Moon spinners by Sally Goldenbaugh
This Seaside knitters book is about  a mystery surrounding the local knitting shop and all those that frequent it to help solve the murder.
A special yacht club dinner and the knitters are invited. Sohpia has been seen driving off a cliff but all the knitters know she never would've done that.
They must collect the clues and ask a lot of questions to find out who did it.
Some things around town are not making sense: why the path is closed off to get to the public areas....why Sophias husband never drove the car once he brought it home...
Loved hearing of the knitting lessons-turning heels on socks. Always amazes me that I can never figure out who it is that killed the woman.
 Excerpt from A Holiday Yarn, the next in the series is also included.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).