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The Fighter - Kira Adams

The Fighter A Foundation Novel By Kira Adams
Won this book in a giveaway and had entered because I hoped there would be great detail into the career of a fighter. Something for me to learn about that would be interesting.
Starts out with Peyton and Jace and they are in high school. They decide to compromise-she will go see his football game if he will go with her to ballet. Sounds like troubled times at home for Jace as his parents have split up.
His father takes up with a woman who's got a teenage daughter and they move in. More hard times for Jace and then he's free and clear of the mess. Problem is then his grandmother dies. Everything he is involved in turns against him....
He was known as the local hero for stopping the shooter at school and now everybody looks up to him and is a great supporter of his, in not matter what he takes on. Peyton, his girl is in awe of him makes things happen.....
Excerpt of My Forever is included at the end.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.