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The Forever Bridge - T. Greenwood

 The Forever Bridge by T. Greenwood
Book starts out with days of the week. Each section follows a few different stories. Ruby is being dropped off at her mothers for a visit. Her father, now in a wheelchair has left his wife and will go back home to NC with his brother.
Sylvie is rather a bit odd as we follow her life and her past, when the car went off the bridge and her young son died and her husband became paralyzed. Ruby has a few friends still there in town and they do meet up but Ruby can't swim although she goes to lessons several times a week with Izzy and Marcy. Those two girls are into one another that they don't even realize how much ti hurts Ruby that they don't pay attention to her.
Ruby wants to make a bridge, to replace the one where her brother died. The sections also follow a girl who's about to give birth and has left her boyfriend and she's hiding out in an abandoned shack, til the night Ruby finds her.
Sylvie with her pills is delusional and just wants to keep safe in her house but prowlers probably animals, are outside and they want to come into the house.
Lots of facts about bridges around the world and how they collapsed and how they were fixed-she hopes to still win the contest.
They are in VT and hurricane Irene is about to hit the Carolinas and travel up the coast. I remember this hurricane and the damage it did=to VT, so devastating to see.
I had a hard time finding the connection between them all til I looked at the title again. Bridges do connect them together.