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When Lightning Strikes - Kristin Hannah

When Lightening Strikes by Kristan Hannah
Romance author, Elana Castanza has sent her daughter off to the wilds for survival field training and they won't be able to talk for over 12 days.
During the storm she is writing her story and when lightening strikes she  wakes up and she's in the story she was writing.  The west is a place for forgiving.
Kidnapped by Killian in the western plot she was writing, 100 years in the past. She knows what is going to happen at the bank robbery, she had written the book scenes.
Problem is some things are not going the way she had written them. After days of not waking up in her regular bed she just wants to get back to her daughter-in the real world.
She tells the others her story and they do believe her as she knows Killain's real name, his wifes name and circumstances that led to her death. Nobody but Killian knows of the truth.
The old wise woman tells her they are soulmates and she almost believes her as time goes on...
He used to be a caring loving hero and when he finds her gone he thinks again he's back to his normal self-caring for others. Steamy hot sex scenes and he does want to help her get back to her daughter...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).