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One Season of Hope - Jim Stovall

One Season of Hope by Jim Stovell
This book is one I wanted to read for the football experience. Miss Friday Night Lights on TV and this is a good substitute.
On many levels it not only has football but small town team work and making ti all happen.
Starts out with the Coach and he's on his way to his retirement party after serving years in the school as teacher and football coach. There are also chapters of when he was 15 and just starting out at the high school, on the football team and working his way up.
Loved the play by play action and also the beginning of each chapter has a quote from Harry S. Truman. The school is Truman Eagles and football brings the town together.
Follows one full season and the decisions that needed to be made and why and the turnouts. Handful of people that are easy to keep track of. Like how this book is about the present also with terrorist attacks on the school, etc.
Love how the book got it's name and what it symbolizes. Easy to follow as the coachs own life comes into play in the present day football season.
Love the pep talks and quotes and prayers throughout the book. So many new things to learn, not only about football but our history as well. GREAT read!
 I received this book from bookfun.org via Book Club Network in exchange for my honest review.