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Death By Cashmere - Sally Goldenbaum

Death by Cashmere Seaside Knitter's Mystery by Sally Goldenbaugh
Knitting attracted me to this series.  
Izzy opens a seaside knitting shop and there's a group that meets weekly til one goes missing and the group investigate to find out who did it.
Cass a lobster woman has found Angie, the female that lived above the knitting shop, dead, tangled up in her lobster pots. Others had seen Angie drinking and walking onto the breakwater...poachers stealing others lobsters in the pots...
lots of unanswered questions arise as the group proceed to investigate the clues..
Love the community teamwork and how everybody helps one another, lots
of gatherings that involve food and the recipes sound delicious.
Secrets that are found and brought to the forefront shed light on what's really behind the murder.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).