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The Love List Collection: Love Uncorked, Love Found Me, Blind Tasting, Building up to Love - Jennifer Conner, Sharon Kleve, Angela Ford, Joanne Jaytanie

The Love List Collection
This is an anthology consisting of 4 books based upon the town of Vine Grove in eastern Washington state.
The 4 woman have formed a book club but soon after their meetings rename it the love list club. They put a man's name down on a piece of paper and each of the woman selects a name.
Each of the stories focuses on one of the connections.
Love Uncorked by Jennifer Conner
Tegan runs a shop in town and is slated to meet up with Richard at the winery. Before she arrives she runs into a ditch avoiding animals in the road. Her savior is August, a farmer who works at the winery. She meets him again and Richard really puts them both down and she doesn't want to pressure him into going to the club dance with her...
Fire that burns her business is handled with help from the community and August comes to her rescue, yet again...
Love Found Me  -  Sharon Kleve
This part is about Chloe who had picked Roy, the animal shelter attendant. She runs a day spa right next to the wine shop of Tegan. Her friend Roy introduces her to Mitch Broden who now has a bunch of newborn kittens.
He works at the prison and likes what he sees and wants to take her out for dates....he asks Roy for advice where to take her...
The community and friends come together to help with his emergency...
Blind Tasting by Angela Ford
NYC, Becca is a doctor and works many shifts.  She is engaged to Blake...she finds him with her best friend and leaves to go to Vine Grove.
Her friends there have her pick a name: Turner Chase for a date. Local firefighter and lady's man.
A misunderstanding may keep them apart...
Building up to Love by Joanne Jaytanie
This story is about Laura and her pick is Travis Jerome. She is converting her old huge house into a B&B and cafe and needs help.
He is a handyman living with his aging grandparents, caring for them and running errands. He applies for the job she has just posted in her front window.
They run into issues and they fall through the floor with injuries.
Good reads and story lines, enjoyed the books and the Pancake Club is next in the series.
I received this book from Library Thing in exchange for my honest review.