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Due for Discard (Aimee Machado Mystery) - Sharon St. George

Due for Discard by Sharon St. George
Wanted to read this book to find out more what a forensic librarian does. The story goes into some job details but I wanted more indepth.
The story wraps itself around Aimee who has been hired to be the new forensic librarian and she has to earn her keep and substantiate her position at the hospital.
A woman is found murdered, body in a dumpster and she attempts to help clear Harry, her brother of charges. There are many others who come to her aide and give her clues to help solve the mystery of who the woman really was. Liked learning about the llamas and other wildlife.
Lots of secrets surrounding the plot til it builds up at the very end when we discover who it was, but with help from others. I found there were way too many people involved-taking time away from the main characters and the plot.
Enjoyed the book and want to read more from the author.
I received this book from Tribute Books in exchange for my honest review.