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The Lighthouse Brides Collection: 6 Romances Develop at Historic Light Stations - Andrea Boeshaar, Lynn A. Coleman, Sally Laity, DiAnn Mills

The Lighhouse Brides Collection
6 historic religious romances around lighthouse stations, 5 different authors.
When Love Awaits By Lynn Holman
1825 NC lighthouse. This one should be a good one, I can recall a Nicholas Sparks book about how one tends for a B&B during a hurricane on the outer banks.
Phoena is alone on the island and her parents are on the mainland for supplies. The hurricane is on its way and she knows what precautions she has to do.
She prays to God for safety for all as she goes about her chores. Love hearing of all the different lenses she needs to keep clean.
Love hearing of the wild ponies. Ian Duncan comes to visit and lend his knowledge and help.  She wants to prove she can take care of the lighthouse herself and he keeps offering his help.
He goes to keep her company and they share the eye of the storm and compare it with passages from the Bible. She thinks her calling is at the light stations...
Phantom of My Heart by Diane Mills
1845 Bird Island, MA is haunted by one who died there. He finds poetry, flowers, etc now and hopes to find the woman of his dreams. He prays often.
A Beacon in the Storm by Andrea Bashhart
Amanda Lewis, North Point Light, MI light and she and her mother can't care for it longer and a man wants to do it now.
A ships captain shipwrecks and they spend the night with a crew member. The captain is staying on land now and confides in Amanda of his past wife and how he raises Jenny.
She tells Gabe she has to be married then she will retain the job of lightkeeper. Gabe and Jenny are interested in her ...She watches Jenny after school and he agrees to attend the hearing for her commission...
Safe Harbor by Paige Winship Doolee
Ian Morgan prays for a small boat, FL lighthouse.
Regan Steward and her daughter wash up on his shores.
He has many memories and never wants to leave the shore, he hears her with the kids and tells them of shopping in the city and misunderstandings happen.
They do continue to talk not only about God but their future lifes.
Whispers Across The Blue by Diane Mills
1875 Oliver Point, TX, Jewel hears her intended say it's his last ship voyage til their wedding.
Mason just has one more shipment to deliver.  He wants his fathers approval and hopes to have his own shipment center one day.
He takes many risks when he sails.  She doesn't like the control his father has over him but God has his own control.
A Time to Love by Sally Layatee
Cochille Light in Oregon, Rathcliff Rock  
Eden is a recent widower and she takes over the care of the lighthouse with her 4year old son Christian. They also have a housekeeper. Sherman is one that helps when he doesn't have an emergency.
She meets the captain who sails by and he also has delivered supplies to them.
Dan has lost his brother and makes sure his wife and kids have all they need. In his travels he picks up items for Eden and her son, religious themed.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).