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Mean Streak by Sandra Brown - Review Summary - J.T. Rothing

Mean Streak by Sandra Brown
Emery and Jeff are married. He is a financial adviser and she is a runner and physician and they've fought about her schedule, specifically her running training.
Story alternates from present to the past.  She wakes up in a cabin with a man and has no idea how she got there but has a concussion and he claims he found her and brought her there to recuperate. The fog keeps them there as he won't risk his life to drive down the mountain.
Her husband is too busy with his new sexual partner to pay attention that his wife has been gone for more than her 2 day trip....and does finally file a missing persons report with the local cops.
FBI Jack is on a trail of a man of interest from years ago and we find out how this is related to Emery's case.
Emery is not able to find out who has taken her or much of anything else as she recovers from the injury.  She finds she is part of something bigger-  she is forced to steal medical supplies and they drive on icy roads to help them out...
Cops are investigating Jeff as he has missing time slots...
Fast paced action and adventure that holds your interest til the very end when it all becomes clear-or does it, as to who killed who.
At times it's hard to follow along as there are many characters and at the beginning you are following many stories.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).