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When Day Breaks - Maya Banks

When Day Breaks by Maya Banks
Eden a model that has body guards due to her military father, knows when something is wrong.
A shooter tried to take her out. Her dad had summoned the brothers for a meeting and he tells them all he knows-starts with his wife who had been targeted and killed.
He fears they are after the daughter now...and Reed says he can get the KGI group to help take the murderers son out, once and for all. Swanny and others are on board and want to help.
She selects Swanny to personally guard her and all the others in the background. They are sexually chemically attracted to one another and slowly go to that goal.
Hot steamy sex scenes and I love the travel overseas. He doesn't want to show her the physiologic and physical scars he's acquired fighting in the war...he sees himself as a beast and her a beauty.
The criminal has been abducted but then why was she being kidnapped?
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).