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Not Done Yet - David Tienter

Not Done Yet by David Tienter  
Story of a man in his 70's who's on the road now that his wife has passed away. He's just looking for simple things in life til his time has come.
He is camping in SD which is one state we've never traveled to and I'm eager to learn a bit more about which the book is providing me with descriptions that make me want to go visit.
Story also follows a man who has joined a biker group and he hopes to be imitated when he comes across the old man at the camp site. He also goes to rob him but the old man has other plans.
As he gets away from the campground other bikers find him but not for long. It reminds him of his war days in Vietnam where he was upon similar circumstances of death.
Matt meets up with the cop Frank Johnson and he becomes his friend and he hopes to get Matt out of town, alive. The biker group will be on him soon. Frank and his wife are happy the bikers are dead-they go back a long way.
The bikers also keep a female in the basement for their sexual pleasure and she is blindfolded and handcuffed. The bikers have killed an older man driving a Jeep thinking it was the one who murdered their biker friends.
Now Matt knows he has to make it right again, the justice, his way. So many more deaths and I loved hearing of the Indians in paradise who nursed him back to health with help from the sheriff. Loved the gift he leaves them with....
I hate violence and even more the degree in the book but without it, the story wouldn't be the same. I can't seem to get enough of the story. I don't want it to end.
I received this book from Library Thing in exchange for my honest review.