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Suddenly Last Summer - Sarah Morgan

Suddenly Last Summer by Sarah Morgan
Snow Crystal, VT. This love story is about Shawn O'Neil-the 2nd book in the O'neil brothers series, but a good standalone. He is a surgeon and he summered in VT.
His grandfather is ill and he is summoned home to VT.  Alise the head chef at the restaurant is also in VT hoping to open the Boathouse restaurant and very close to his twin, jackson. They have shared a night together and neither wants any ties.
Story not only follows their past life and present reuniting but others in the family. He agrees to finish the deck for the restaurant and his grandfather doesn't want him to stick around.
Love bantering among the guys when they are together, always teasing one another, so natural.  We learn what happened at his fathers funeral that has turned his grandfather from him.
Hot steamy sex scenes add to the story lines. Love learning about the area and the hiking overnight. Tragedies occur and breaks them up but it's just a misunderstanding, or is it?  Will track down other books in this series as I love the area, the family, etc
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).