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IMPULSE: Infinitus Billionaire - E. B. Walters, Kelly Hashway

Impulse   by EB Walters
This family saga book is mostly about Lex. He runs a business and in order for him to cinch the deal he has to be married and he sets out to find a woman who will help him out.
He has a list and there are mostly actresses on it because he would need the performance of a lifetime. Problem is at the movie set he runs into a stunt woman Jillian and she catches his eye and she knows about motorcycles which he has a business with one of his brothers.
She hears him out and agrees to help with a contract and some stipulations because she really needs the 350000. There are a lot of mysteries surrounding her stunt/daring performances with her brothers on their bikes. Much more mysteries come to light that help explain why someone is out to get her family.
Explosive sex scenes and I was surprised not a lot of the Fitzgerald family was here to help as in the other books in this series. Really enjoyed the new venture with Lex friends and the paying it forward aspect.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.