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A Sandy's Seashell Shop Christmas: An Outer Banks E-short - Lisa Wingate

A Sandy Seashell Shop Christmas: An Outer Banks E-short by Lisa Wingate
I have read other stories by this author and they are always enjoyable and heart warming.
Starts out with Tiff and she has Micah on the edge of the blanket and they are on the beach, it's not summer but Christmas is the next day. It's how they do the holiday now that Aaron isn't there and she vows to make it a real Christmas, next year for the small toddler.
She decides the time is now and they head to the party at Sandy's Seashell shack-come as you are.
They fit in while watching the live nativity scene among Micah playing in the sandbox in the store. She feels comfortable in knowing he may get to meet Santa for the first time. She also meets him, Jason and they come to an understanding when he notices the coins hanging from her necklace-they match a set he has...
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.