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Gone Girl - Gillian Flynn

Gone Girl by  Gilliam Flynn
Starts out with Nick and Amy and their marriage has taken a wrong turn. Nick used to work in the magazine field and has lost his job after 11 years, in NYC.
Amy then lost her job and they moved to Missouri.  He borrows money from his twin sister and opens a bar.  It's their 5th wedding anniversary and the neighbor calls to inform Nick his front door is wide open with the cat on the porch. He hurries home to find things half done by Amy and she's nowhere to be found.
He had expected her to do her treasure hunt-one I used to do with kids I'd babysit for. She had left the kettle on the stove, iron on and things left unirioned-so unlike Amy. The book has alternating chapters from Amy, some from her diary over the years, dating back to when they first met and as their relationship matured over the years.
Other events come to the forefront: his sister helping him and their father who left the home he was in...
The notes to his treasure hunt with the help of the police take him on a journey of riddles that he can solve in hopes of finding her. The inlaws try to come to his rescue and help solve the mystery treasure hunt also and to shine light to Amy's past.
Infidelities and lies are a new way of life to help cope with his wife's turn away from him.  Cops come up with other bits of evidence, borrowing against her trust fund for the bar and to take care of his dying mother, gun purchase, blood on the floor, his wife was pregnant, life insurance policy, $$ cc due in his name only, staged things that aren't adding up and he hires a lawyer who he must not lie to...
Story also follows Amy and how she planned some things to make it point to Nick as the killer, she needs to punish him for what she knows.
Next surprises me and I feel they deserve one another and all their secrets and lies. Really indepth background work done for the planning stages.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).