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The Escape - David Baldacci

The Escape by David Balducci
Kansas prison and with the storm and power being out and the backup generator not working all the cell doors open and we find that John Pullers' brother has left the prison
but a dead body has been put in his place. It's up to John to find out how and where his brother is. His brother was to be living at the DB for life as he was guilty.
Story also follows Bobby and how he changes his facial features, etc.  The feds have questioned their father who's in a nursing facility as he has not much of his memory left.
After he's interviewed he turns to Julie Carson to help him figure things out. He pairs up with Knox and they go over each of the details again and he finds out through various sources that his brother was in prison to save his family.
Love all the different angles and how they find more clues. Hard to follow at times with so many people involved and so surprised at how this all could point to the recent Ebola outbreak in Africa.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).