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Secrets - Danielle Steel

Secrets by Danielle Steel
Scenes from the background of not only a TV show but from both coasts.
Sabina Quarles is the movie star that came to be from her work up the ladder.
She meets with Mel Welscher, the director who had lost his whole family and just focuses on work, a new TV series that would run forever.
Bill Warwick is desperate and has done some commercials but his wife-that nobody knows of after her last job she neglected to pursue work and turned to drugs. He's worked 10 years doing commercials to no avail.
Jane Adams  with 3 kids and a husband,  had left NY for LA to make it big.  She secretly has worked on a soap opera for 10 yrs without anybody knowing as she was able to take care of the family at the same time.
Zack Taylor is a seasoned actor and free to join the Manhattan set and nobody knows of his private life.
Gabriella is another actress that signs up with them. They all meet in NY to start shooting and it's interesting to see how bus their lives really are-working. Play time is a fun thing to hear about how each of them takes time for themselves.
Tragic deaths occur that effect them all. Secrets of their lives are coming to the public life.
Like soap operas go so much of their onstage life becomes their public lifes.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).