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awesome read, a tree for us all

A Tree for America - Edd Voss

A Tree for America
Mr Anjer is sent from DC to the Seattle area to supervise the shipment of the White House Christmas tree.
Love the descriptions of the travel from when he first lands to the Leavenworth area. Have been to many of the sites in the area as our family live closeby.
Usually the tree comes from the East Coast, as this is the first time from the Pacific Northwest he needs to accompany the tree all the way back to DC. He calls his boss as he's not too keen to do this.
The truck driver takes Anjer into town to outfit him with clothes for the season and the long 8 day journey back if the truck will be oversized.
Found the story interesting as it tells many details of how the truck is even shifting the gears and why. Husband used to drive the big rigs before we met.
Loved the CB chatter as that is how I met my husband, so much useful information to the truck drivers. Love the travel every step of the way and everything Anjer experiences along the way, priceless!
Explicit directions along the way you could easily do this trip. Anjer thinks the holiday is so commercialized and hates it.  Driver shows him how it really is on the road.
Love how Ken the driver pays it forward during a storm. More catastrophes occur and they do what they can...
Excellent read, enjoyed the trip and learning so much of his career.