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Snow on the Roof By Elizabeth Krall

Snow on the Roof (Holiday Romances Book 4) - Elizabeth Krall

Snow on the Roof By Elizabeth Krall
Hal and Marian live in the Palm Gardens Mobile home park in TX. They are just finding themselves after having lost their prior spouses and are in their later years of life.
They decide to spend Christmas day at his family and she can't help but overhear the granddaughters, through an open window discuss their personal private life. She wishes she just went to PA to celebrate with her family...
Others tell her of the traditions in their family and criticize her for trying to bring her own and changing their traditions...
Love how Hal takes matters into his own hands to stop the insults...
Never saw the ending turn out like it did, miracles do happen on Christmas.  Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.
I received this book from the author via The Library Thing in exchange for my honest review.