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Almost Perfect (Perfect Trilogy, Book 1)

Almost Perfect (Perfect Trilogy, Book 1) - Julie Ortolon Almost Perfect by Julie Ortolon 4 college girl friends, now later in life are remembering their earlier lives. one of them has
written a book with the other 3 kiinda mentioned in it, no by names but what they did in college. as the ladies sit around and
chat about it, they realize the author is right. they challenge one another to overcome their fear, leading them off in different
directions to accomplish them within a years time. this book is about Maddy and how after she looses her husband after 6 years her
friends tell her to go accomplish her career goal of being a painter/artist. she gets that opportunity while being the craft director at
a camp. she meets up with an old boyfriend and after a bit of loving she decides to stick around to help him with his other camp project.
but then her paintings take off. to the point where the gallery owner wants to promote her career hoping to recoupe what she's put into it
within a years time. that means traveling and maddy isn't too sure now what she wants to do. glad this is a series so each woman gets
her own book. i rate this a 5, very interesting things and places