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Christmas in Snowflake Canyon (Hqn)

Christmas in Snowflake Canyon (Hqn) - Raeanne Thayne Christmas in Snowflake Canyon by Raeanne Thayne
Genevieve Beaumont has returned from Paris and she has a deal with ther father that she can have her trust fund after she's
cleaned up and flipped her grandmother's house. Gen is an interior designer but one night she's had enough and heads to the local
bar where she looses it and ends up punching the assistant DA. Her and Dylan Caine both end up in jail.
His brother gets them off the charge with 100 hours of community service at his sisters cabins-Warriors Hope and she needs the cabins
decorated for the holidays before the warriors come for a few weeks time to recuperate from their wounds. Dylan has been there done that and just wants to put his time in but he's forced to do that with Gen and they are rather complete opposites.
As they spend more time together he can't help but love to hear her just talk and that gets him in trouble with her as he fantasizes about her. He thinks she's disgusted by his stump as he is an amputee...
Loved hearing the reception the warriors receive on their road to mending by learning how to ski, snowboard, etc.
Gen reaches out to a woman who got dumped and she plays matchmaker because she thinks Trey should not be alone for Christmas.
Love how the whole community comes together...
I received this book from Net Galley via Harlequin HQN in exchange for my honest review.