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Against the Law

Against the Law - Kat Martin
against the law by kat martin
in this series Devlin is the main character. He's the boss of a security agency, who has it all, a girl anytime he wants, houses,
sailboats, money, good apparel, etc. He's feeling he doesn't have it all.
she is a handbag designer and needs to find out where her dead sisters baby adopted parents are so she can make sure the baby is in
good hands.
she helps him with the investigation as they travel from one lead to another.
things happen where Lark now has the child and is raising her but her one night with Dev plays on her mind, and it also plays on his
mind. They can't get each out of their heads. Problem is somebody else wants the child so there is major mayhem.
Dev has to call on his trained buddies to help him retrieve the girl from another country. Love the planning that goes on. It's like the
ATeam show on TV, they have their act together.
I rate this a 5, very well written, down to earth and over the top in action. True characters and the author comes through as always.