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Kiss Me, I'm Irish

Kiss Me, I'm Irish - Roxanne St. Claire, Jill Shalvis, Maureen Child Kiss me I'm Irish by Roxanne St. Claire, Jill Shalvis, Maureen Child
Here we have 3 stories about Irish men and the women they love.

The Sins of His Past By Roxanne St. Claire
Deuce is back in town after he's been forced to retire from baseball. He
walks into the family bar and realizes it's now an internet cafe. He meets
Kendra who he had sex with the time he was home for his mothers funeral. He
never looked back. The town has changed so much although he was never here
to see it for himself. Now he finds out she owns half the cafe. Will he be able
to convince his dad who's hooked up with a younger woman that he wants the whole
bar as it was. There is SO much Deuce doesn't know of what's happened in the past
when he first signed up for baseball.
His father tells them to work together to make the place work: her with the internet
cafe and him with the sports bar.

Tangling with Ty by Jill Shalvis
Nicole is a doctor and eats, drinks and sleeps doing just that. She forgets about family
gatherings and upcoming engagement parties. She's all set to fight for her taco, that's all she
ever has time to eat when she works 24 hours straight, when she hears a male voice at the top
of her stairs, the new architect for the building. The one who will renovate it. Ty Patrick O'Grady.
She's also been fighting off going to parties with her boss. She tries to just do her work and
get out of the hospital.
Due to an injury she finds out a lot more about him that he really didn't want her to find out.
The emails continue also which is out of the blue and he's not sure if they are for real.
He's got a notion to pass through this town and hurry to the next one except ...

Whatever Reilly wants... by Maureen Child
Connor Reilly comes from a large size Irish family and they know what it means to stand by your family.
Being one of triplets and an uncle that left $10,000 they decided to place a bet-winner takes all.
No sex for 90 days and one of them is a priest, Liam so if the others fail the money will go towards a new roof for the church. Brian just got back together with his ex wife so chances are he was out.
Emma is a really close friend of the family and she's one of the guys. She's a mechanic and inherited the garage from her father when he passed away. She starts acting and dressing more sexier around him and he does take notice and does something about it.