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Buried in Buttercream

Buried in Buttercream - G.A. McKevett Buried in Buttercream A Savannah Reid Mystery by G.A. McKevett
Something about the title made me want to read this book.
From the first page it's action packed and a mystery all in one. She won't just stand there
and let things happen. She is a policewoman and on her wedding day, just an hour before it
was to happen the community hall where it was to take place burns and with all her wedding
apparel and that of the bridesmaids. She looks at the crowd and figures out who it is and goes
after them. She then goes home to where her whole family and extended family are staying overnight
in the tiny house with her and her grandmother. They've eaten most of the wedding meal and cake
also. All I can think is: oh man, what next...
3 attempts and they are still not married but are trying to track down a killer. Leads them to
investigate at the local strip club and travel to Las Vegas and the islands off the coast.
Other catastrophes occur and other mysteries that I don't think they will ever get to get
married in this book, maybe the next one.