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Beach Season

Beach Season - Lisa Jackson, Holly Chamberlin, Cathy Lamb, Rosalind Noonan Beach Season by Lisa Jackson and 3 others
June's Lace by Cathy Lamb
June is going through a divorce but he wants half of her new wedding dress business. She is so distraught she heads down to the beach and she turns her back on a wave. It's raining and she falls under and an arm stretches to reach her. Reece is only renting a house for 8 weeks and he sees to it that she goes to get checked out at the hospital.
They have a survivors lunch for a few dates and she finds out he is staying right next door to her house. She has to sell that and give half to Grayson or he wants 1/2 of the business.
June concentrates on her sisters: August and September, they each keep a journal of things to worry about and compare them with each other.
Love reading about her design work and the process she uses. She is taken aback of what Reece does for a living and he's very sensitive when she tells him about her life, marriage and now the divorce and he feels like she's been let down for too long.
He just uses simple things to get to her: flowers, french toast on the deck one night for dinner, finding her the perfect unbroken butterfly shell.
Love also that this is located in Oregon as we have visited there a few times on our trek out west, so beautiful.
Such devotion to family, traditions and legends and what they symbolize.
Second Chance Sweethearts by Holly Chamberlin
Thea Foss, divorced has left and traveled to a resort town near Wells, Maine, rents an apartment for several months and loses herself in the town activities.
As a waitress to keep busy she's run into her old college boyfriend, Hugh Landry and they share several meals together and have other dates and just remember their whole lives together.
She talks to her landlady Alice when she shows up with fresh baked goodies.
After their long talks they figure out why they had split up before-who had caused it and each is forgiving and they fell they still have enough time in their lives to try it again.
What's to say the people who split them up before just won't do it again... but something else stands in their way.
Love the locale of the lighthouses, blueberry picking, beaches, just walking around parks
Carolina Summer by Rosamind Noonan
Jane Doyle has left the city on her way south to visit with her brother in FL. She's made it past Virginia and he's talked her into heading to the outer banks in NC where he has a friend that runs the hotel.
She's within an hour there and the rain downpour starts and she gets rear ended. The local sheriff is able to talk her out of the jeep that she's rented. She finds out her brother, TJ, his friend has relocated to Myrtle Beach.
The doctor and others talk her into staying at the local motel for the night, she walks around a bit and in the morning will say goodbye to them all on her way further south.
Problem is somebody is looking for her and has contacted her brother so she has to go into hiding. She rents a place and the sheriff is her landlord and she's happy that she will have protection so close by.
She opens up to Cooper and he tells her of his past.
Love this book because of the location, never been and have always wanted to after reading Nights in Rodanthe.
New thing for me is the windsurfing lessons.
The Brass Ring by Lisa Jackson
Parker Harrison is about to be married to the girl of his dreams. Night before they are at a carnival and he gets the brass ring while on the ride, also a fortune teller states that Shawna will lose him.
The day of the wedding and it's just about time when her brother, Jake comes in stating there had been an accident the night before. Parker had left to drive Brad home. Parker was the tennis coach for Brad.
Shawna McGuire has everything planned. Not only medical problems but other people.
Love this story for the location of Portland, Oregon.