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The Christmas Star

The Christmas Star - Ace Collins The Christmas Star by Ace Collins
ISBN: 9781426714689
Calvin is the bus driver and likes to share things he makes with others who are less fortunate.
Jimmy Reed hates the holidays and is now hanging out with boys that get in trouble with the law. He's mad because his father died in the war and the family has a star they put on the Christmas tree. They never have money or things and life is such a struggle.
He goes with Calvin to many places to deliver things he's made over the year and he explains how he feels so rich in life although he has nothing of substance in his home. He recites many passages of scripture in hopes Jimmy will catch on so he will lead a worthwhile life.
His mother works at the local store and this holiday with the troops home the shelves have sold out of most everything. She works many hours and hopes to share memories with Jimmy this year to make him happy.
The Medal of Honor is the star they hang on the tree every year but Jimmy hasn't even gone to get a tree from the woods.
This year Calvin created candleholders with a star and the word HOPE on them.
Loved hearing the true meaning and story about mistletoe.
Now that Johnny got in trouble Jimmy felt that the robbery of the store wouldn't take place so he was off the hook... he thought...
A mystery of counterfeit money comes to town that the sheriff is brought up to speed on.
At the church service Jimmy met a man that knew his father, and he's got a surprise for him. They all go to Audrey's house for a meal and he tells them all about it.
The men who were going to break into the store have started to reconsider.
Mystery of the letter was very imaginative and cool to watch them solve it all.