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Loving Jack

Loving Jack - Nora Roberts Loving Jack by nora roberts
Jackie MacNamara has just given her swindling cousin Fred money for 3 months at this house. It's just spring and she's able to write on her new typewriter.
Problem is the owner Nathan Powell, architect, is back home from Germany and he's in his own house. The same one that Jackie is staying at.
She is quite educated by going to many college and universities over the years and dabbling in a bit of every occupation available.
She tries to persuade him to let her stay with her cooking.
She is very good at changing subjects and trying to get her way. They finally come to an agreement, he gets his room back, she cooks and stays out of his way.
After he had told one of her relatives there was a mixup and they were both in the house, Jack informed him she's making wedding plans for them.
He attempts to work on his work items and she wants to spend time with him. They've touched each other and she's now writing about how he feels in her book that she's writing.
She needs to keep touching, kissing him so she can finish her book. She never finishes any of the career she's started.
She's opened her past to him then tells him she loves him. He has no response, then and a female calls and she knows he has other interests.
Hot steamy sex and intelligent conversation make this a really good read.
Love the adventures and trips to unknown places she took him to.