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Red's Hot Cowboy

Red's Hot Cowboy - Carolyn Brown Red's Hot Cowboy by Carolyn Brown
Pearl rescued Will Maxwell from the police that dragged him away. He in return paid for lunch and also helped her clean the bathrooms and did laundry the next day after everybody left the inn. It was Christmas day and they were invited to his friends house.
She had inherited the inn from her aunt and was earning a decent living.
He was a bad boy and she had to keep her distance from him at all costs.
She hired Lucy when she saw the condition she arrived in. Lucy was ever so grateful her ex husband wouldn't be looking for her and that she had a room to herself and food.
Shot challenge is so hilarious! Lots of boiling hot sex scenes!
Love the interactions when they are brought home for a meal and introduced to their families.
Liked the idea of the underground railroad for abused women who were relocating to other parts of the US.
Things get scary when she falls down his staircase backwards....