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Doc Holiday: A Loveswept Classic Romance

Doc Holiday: A Loveswept Classic Romance - Debra Dixon Doc Holiday by Debra Dixon
Mouse and Hayseed, their pet names for one another while they were teens and growing up in the same town. He had lived at their house more than his own. She was there to decorate her dads house and to restore order to the misfits.
She opened up to Drew on their walk around town after her dad told Taylor Bishop the town had changed. He's there to get away from his ex wife. Harvey, AR is not a place she'd even consider looking for him.
He just needs one favor for her-to make a Christmas his son Noah will never forget, her style. Yes the ones where the tree was attached to the wall with wires, lopsided with homemade decorations on it.
She has to turn him down cuz she's so busy with the decorations, presents, the food, float for the parade and everything else involved with pulling off a typical holiday season in a few days time. Problem is she just might have some time now that her brother Clay's wife, Martha has taken over the kitchen.
Drew showed up to ask questions and she was there to answer them: her mother had a special ornament for each of the kids with their names on them so they'd each have a memory of childhood. He would have to do a lot of shopping to catch up while she told him just get a few special ones per year. I also have
special ones that go on our tree and they do make it very special every year. She doesn't have time to help him with Noah til Martha finds out and shoos her out of the house.
Love how the book got it's title... There are many moments of hand holding and kisses and hugging but she gets rescued when Noah is nearby. She says it's all a mistake and he informs her even from a distance he can carry on a relationship with her. No matter what goes wrong, Doc is there to fix it.

Loved hearing of the cookie baking as i've yet to make gingerbread men and never thought of how to decorate them...