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A Woman Betrayed

A Woman Betrayed - Barbara Delinsky a Woman Betrayed by Barbara Delinsky
She has a family: husband and 2 kids. She caters food for parties. He's late and he's not called.
Laura had others do the actual catering as she was attending the museum show.
This was so unlike Jeff. Deborah, the teen is also upset he's not showed up. Lyida, the mother in law who Laura
takes care of, takes to doctor appts, grocery shops, etc has not seen him.
Daphne is her best friend over the years and she has no idea where he is.
The story also follows Jeff, he's run away from his job of a CPA with his Porsche and 50k and is in a cabin with the bare essentials.
The book also follows Christian and his friend who they've been with 16 years when she dies from a disease. It's been 3 years now and he was building in VT at one time, now in Australia.
Scott is in college but he'll be home Friday as Laura Fry and Daphne fill out the missing person report.
Together they think of all the possible scenarios as to what could've happened til the investigator Taylor Jones from the IRS contacts them and tells him he's wanted for money fraud.
They freeze the bank accounts and she has no money of her own, she can't pay bills nor pay her employees.
Things just get worse with rape charges and Christian returns to the US and a mistress.
I can't even fathom going through all this...