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Spencer's Mountain

Spencer's Mountain - Earl Hamner Jr. Spencer's Mountain by Earl Hammer Jr.
Recalled the author's name from the creator of The Waltons.
Foothills in the VA mountain as the eldest boy is leaving to go to college-very similar to the Walton's. you will see the resemblances.
At the family house the whole crew of 9 sons gathered the day before Thanksgiving. The day they would all go hunt a deer.
The mill had closed but Uncle Virgil had a job in the city. Clay boy looked up to him for everything!
Love the legend of the white deer and the one who brings it down wiill be marked. Love this vs. the TV show as everything is described in detail. So much nature and outside things along with family traditions of inside life.
So much action described, more than a one hour TV show, but a full year. Members of the family life's are changing...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).