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NEW BEGINNINGS (LifeSword Devotionals Book 1) - Cathy Bryant

New Beginnings by Cathy Bryant
This book is just the companion bible study, not reading book with the same name.
Other works by the author are highlighted.
Love hearing about how God makes new things happen every day starting out with a sunrise. Lots of quotes from scriptures about other real life situations.
Like second chances and many are discussed. Like the questions (food for thought) at the end of each days devotion.
Angel armies-cool phrase! Summaries of other works by the author are included at the end.

THE FRAGRANCE OF CRUSHED VIOLETS (LifeSword Bible Study Book 1) - Cathy Bryant

The Fragrance of Crushed Violets by Cathy Bryant
This book is just the companion bible study, not reading book with the same name.
Bible studies about forgiveness. There are quotes from the Bible and real life instances of how a community reacts to a shooter walking into a girls school and killing some.
Lots of scriptures are quoted to back up the authors interpretations.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end.

Amidst Ancient Monuments: The Administrative History of Mound City Group National Monument/Hopewell Culture National Historical Park, Ohio - Ron Cockrell

Hopewell Culture National Historical Park: Mound City
We had just returned from a visit to Ohio and we were able to walk through the mounds ourselves.
I had told my husband how at peace my whole body was. It's a sacred Hopewell tribe ceremonial mounds and earthworks.
We were able to talk to the clerk inside the visitor's center and he informed us of how perfect the circles were but in 800AD they didn't have measuring tools.
Also told us of other areas that have the mounds and that one location was to go public the holiday weekend for a few hours. That only happens a few times every year.
So interesting to hear about the mounds, their purpose and how they were built.
Love hearing of all the mathematical discussions as they had no tools that we have for measuring and they are just perfect. It's all in the clay at the bottom of the mounds-the structures of the mounds are discussed and taken apart so you know what is in each layer.
Hope to visit more when we travel back to Ohio.

Sweet Treats: A Blueberry Springs Valentine's Day Short Story Romance Boxed Set - Jean Oram

Sweet Treats by Jean Orman
This book is actually three books in one.
Tequila and Candy Hearts
She's started a new job and she's putting together a gala for Valentine's day for the town.
Todd is her best friend but she's pretending to speed date although not interested in anyone but him.
Story ends suddenly as it will be continued in a later book.
Whiskey and Gumdrop Hearts
Frankie is her boyfriend and he helped give her money for her bakery.
Mandy works so hard lots of hours every day. There is a Valentine speed dating event and she's to cater the sweets for the event.
Blueberry springs is a unique town. She doesn't want to marry him, just yet...
Vodka and Chocolate Drops
Amber has a boyfriend Russell but he spends a lot of time in the city as he's finishing up his book after his war injury.
She's a data base entry and has a best friend Scott who picks up where Russel leaves off. She has other relatives around and she was hoping to propose to Russel and win the $500 award of the Valentine gala the town put on.
Wish books had talked more about the town and community itself but it's mostly about the three couples to a point-you do have to read the books they came from til the end.
To me this is just a sampler of the three books as they are left with cliff hangers.
Author solicits for you to join her group of beta readers.
Free copy and this is my honest opinion.

Happy Is The Bride - Caroline Clemmons

Happy is the Bride by Caroline Clemmons
Story is about Beth and she's talked with her cousin who she doesn't feel has the perfect marriage and she hopes hers will turn out different.
She loves Mason and he loves her and she doesn't like it when they have doubts about that.
Story also follows Mason and he knows he is good enough for her and he hopes he measures up as they are to be married.
They worked together and selected furnishings for the house. Mason had fallen and got a bump on his head and others bet he won't show up to get married.
They say she's jinxed as another didn't wed her last year and 3 years prior to that.
Nothing goes right...adult sex scenes. Other western and other genre books by the author are highlighted at the end.
Received this copy from the author for signing up to her newsletter and this is my honest opinion.

Design Your Own Crochet Projects: Magic Formulas for Creating Custom Scarves, Cowls, Hats, Socks, Mittens & Gloves - Sara Delaney

Oct 31 Design Your Own Crochet Projects by Sara Delaney
Very high quality photos that sometimes take quite some time to load in, be patient they are worth the wait.
Like the Introduction and the story of the author and how she came to be a designer and learn while working. Also a section on the tech side of yarns. Important things that you will take by reading this book that are important for measuring right especially for clothing. Love the yarn weight charts.
Each category has its own chapter with a brief summary at the start. Shows the technical side of how to measure but in simple terms that we can understand. The blank forms are very handy for keeping your own designs in order along with notes. Mine are in my head or on bits of paper all over the house.
Patterns themselves start with a brief summary along with color photos. Calculations for yardage using the particular pattern, formula used and row by row instructions. Chapters are for scarves, cowls, hats, fingerless mitts, mittens, gloves, and socks.
Love the names of the scarves. The items made are going to fit like a glove for the intended wearer. My problem is I never know who my items are going to as I crochet and knit for charity for those less fortunate and sold also at bazaars.
Love that the color photo of the items as they are laying down flat on a table and the next page is of a model wearing them, outside-excellent contrast so you can really see the item.
Stitch dictionary along with a swatch is also included and at the end where the row by row instructions are given also.
There are 31 in total-what a resource of knowledge! Makes it easy to pick out a pattern first then go to the area you want to make.
Stitch abbreviations and definitions are included: Shows step by step color photos of the steps involved along with the words.
Love that they use a white background so you can see the instructions as they move along. I am a published crochet designer myself but I don't go into all this detail to do the hats and mittens for others.
My favorite to try would be the fingerless mitts as most everybody can wear them and they don't have to be a perfect fit.
I received this book from Storey Publishing via Net Galley and this is my honest review..


Winter Wishes by Fern Michaels, Susan Fox, Jules Bennett, Leah Marie Brown Christmas Kisses by Fern Michaels Meredith is on her way to Nashville, KS after having left Las Vegas.... She was a dancer but there was always another younger one waiting to take

Winter Wishes - Fern Michaels, Susan Fox, Jules Bennett, Leah Marie Brown

Winter Wishes by Fern Michaels, Susan Fox, Jules Bennett, Leah Marie Brown Christmas Kisses by Fern Michaels Meredith is on her way to Nashville, KS after having left Las Vegas.... She was a dancer but there was always another younger one waiting to take over, especially after injuries. She meets Noah who she might be buying his grandmother's house from. She hopes to get a job and then she'd be able to afford the house. She asks what is next as he found her a house, job was marriage next? She'll take the temp job. She selects his name for the secret santa gift and everybody goes to the town party. They spend time together and she discovers what it is she wants to do with her life. Silly children's books, they'd be a hit. So many misunderstandings...predictable for the rest of the book... . Blue Moon Harbor Christmas by Susan Fox Michael, an architect had a baby with Jillian and he sent her support payments as she was going to get an abortion. 8 years later, Ontario and she's a pilot on the island. He had never seen the baby and 8 years later he wants to learn about him and maybe try to bond. They were just a party couple in college and got caught up with her pregnancy. Michael arrives and spends the holidays with the family as he stays at the inn nearby. He learns so much about not only his son Cole but his wife and her parents that they live with. He sees himself and Jillian in the child and hopes to find toys for his interests. They try to work things out as they still like one another, very much... He won't be staying long as the new year will bring him back home, to work.... Second Chance Christmas by Jules Bennett Ruby has agreed to go on a blind date-she knows him-Knox. She was a nurse in charge of the terminal illness ward and his wife was her patient. She got transferred after her passing. They agree to go ahead with the date and catch up another up to date. He wants to make her Christmas a great holiday as she had lost her father last Christmas Eve and he decorates her house for her. He is a pilot and he had joined the Navy so he's always on the move. Sex scenes that help her understand how much he cares for her. Predictable ending, bit of a twist. Plans for new series is included. . Finding Colin by Leah Marie Brown Grace is an advertisement writer and she also writes romance. Her boss Roberta needs to discipline her as she is using the computer during business hours for personal use. 3 week unpaid leave, now she has time to write her book. She is persuaded to go to Ireland and meet Colin-the main she is writing about in her book. Liked the travel and places she gets to visit... Colin, she does meet him, but there are many with the same name. Travel tips at the end. . Author bios at the end along with a featured book by each author. Received a review copy from Netgalley via Kensington Books and this is my honest opinion.

Home for Christmas (A Yorktide, Maine Novel) - Holly Chamberlin

Home for Christmas by Holly Chamberlin Have read other works by this author and have found the books enjoyable as I know this one will be. Nell is decorating for the holidays-love hearing everything that is involved as we would do that at our family house every year as well. Loved hearing of all the memories of the ornaments. She thinks this could be the last Christmas holiday she and the girls spend together in Yorktide, Maine. Molly is about to be married and Felicity will be traveling with her father and step mother to England countries. Her ex Joel had younger female interests. She had once was going to be a poet and marry Eric but she broke it off in college. She wants to make this year the best the girls ever experienced in Maine and might go to Eric's reading at the store... Lots of twists and turns for all. Liked all the baking as that's what I do starting in Nov so I can mail them out in time. Loved hearing of Nell's knitting and other hand made crafts and ornaments for the girls. Love that she will give them each something of importance. I do similar when we visit my daughter and granddaughter. They get a piece of jewelry I am wearing as it will then belong to them. Why hold it til you die and then others may fight over it. After extensive talks with one another about the important things, doorbell ringing all day, outcome is phenomenal. Received this review copy via Kensington Books via Netgalley and this is my honest opinion.

A Birmingham Family Christmas (Brazen Brides Book 5) - Cheryl Bolen

A Birmingham Family Christmas by Cheryl Bolen Book starts out with other works by the author. Story starts with Annabelle and she was brought up with her father and grandfather. Emma, her cousin has been blessed over the years also. Annabelle is waiting for the man that hadn't requested to marry her after the Season. Even though this is a series book you are brought up to date with who is who from the start. Annabelle will accompany Emma and her husband to Camden Hall for the Christmas holiday. Story also follows others in the family. Adam is in charge of the bank and hosting the big family event and has invited him to join them. They had gone to school together. Love catching up with the others in the family as I have followed this series. Lots of fun and excitement, drama and the holidays. Spencer had learned women were not to be trusted and 11 years ago he had turned her down for marriage. Love how children put baskets together for those in need-so generous. Adults will help make toys for male children for the baskets. Loved hearing of the tools used to make the toys and the process of using the hand tools. Others are matchmaking Spencer and Annabelle but they each hold a secret. Love hearing how they decorate for the holiday, fresh greens! Injuries occur and feelings are hurt in the process... Amabelle feels like an outsider and Spencer is known as fourth Birmingham brother although he's not related. Misunderstandings from eleven years ago as the truth comes out. There is a lot of joy but their sister and mother may not make it in time for Christmas, they should have arrived by now... Other works by the author are highlighted at the end along with summaries of some of them. Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

Married to the Sea: A Beach Romance - Norah Wilder

Married to the Sea by by Norah Wilder Book starts with Dr. Bruno Kerrigan and he's just performed a difficult surgery. Next we are years later and the story follow Delsie who's a painter but usually only on canvas. She's been hired to do a mural at the waiting room in the medical facility. After everyone has left for the day a man approaches thinking she's a vandal til she explains why she is there. He leaves and she continues on his way. He hopes to find her there again the next day but she's not... Story follows the both of them as their paths cross. What I like about this story are the careers and how detailed they are explained to get you not only familiar with with technical terms that you can understand. Dr. Bruno is arrogant and it takes a bit of time to become familiar with his traits. He's only every lost one patient. Delsie hopes to one day have enough money to leave her father's house to one of her own. Her mother had died years ago... Love how her father is a shipbuilder and love hearing of the tools of his trade. Love mystery behind the flaming arrows...Men's taking cooking classes and the bantering is priceless! Love sealife interjections throughout the book through the mural and quotes at beginning of the chapters. Jokes throughout are funny, helps move the story along also. Fun learning new things in this book. Love that the author was able to accomplish so much in just 170 pages that would've taken other 300 pages to do. He knows she will be crushed when he tells her but maybe she'll forgive him? Received a review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

Lasting Echoes: An Oral History of Native American People - Joseph Bruchac, Paul Morin

Lasting echoes, an oral history of Native American people by Joseph Bruchac
Loved learning about the customs of the Indians and what 13 marks on turtle stood for.
Familiar with Lake George and it's fascinating to learn more about the Indians there.
All tribes are discussed as the stories are from their side and how the white people intervened into their world.
Enjoyed hearing about all the harm done by the white people as I've read just a bit about that in other books.
Like the references and sources listed at the end.
Received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Three Wishes - Barbara Delinsky

Three wishes by Barbara Delinsky
Have read other works by this author and have loved the books.
This one starts out in Panama, VT and we find Bree Walker leaving the diner she works at, walking home but she's hit.
She wakes up in the hospital with dreams of being given three wishes before she dies for good, out of body experiences that I'm not sure I believe it, interesting to learn about.
Tom Gates is the man who rescues her and he is there to help in any way he can as she recuperates. He's soul searching as he's left his family behind in hopes he can find himself once again...
What I like about this book is the location and what snow covers-typical New England village, so descriptive and detailed. How she knows her job so well-knows what others will order and especially the truckers who visit often. Love hearing of the holiday and seasonal events that the town take joy in participating.
Tom holds his own secrets and he hopes it keep it that way...
They spent a lot of time together while each recuperate although the townsfolk don't know why he spends so much time there...
She holds her own secret after waking up and talking to the doctors that she may never come to terms with...after her third wish things happen fast...
Received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Nantucket Diet Murders - Virginia Rich

The Nantucket diet murders by Virginia Rich
Book starts out with her returning to the island and she finds her friends very thin and lacking in diet. Also some have died and she's on the trail of what is going on.
You are brought up to date about the womens past and their spouses and children as they all grow up around one another and spent many holidays together.
On their strolls they discuss architecture, widows finances, herbs that Tony is giving to others-it's an individual plan for each...
Like hearing all about the herbs and their combinations.
Recipes included at the end.
Received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Is That It? by Bob Geldof (1987-03-02) - Bob Geldof

Is that it by Bob Geldof My birthday gift 1985, the year they took my license to drive away, I was given a special birthday gift: was the watching nonstop, no chores no meals to make and i was able to watch the whole liveaid and even told others my brother is Bob Geldof. Like that he's a knight now and nominated for the nobel peace problem but mostly because of the aide he's helped raised. Story focuses on his childhood and although he had siblings he felt alone. Very detailed descriptions, adult content but was happy got to hear about the process of setting up bandaid and how others helped. Trip to Ethiopia was hard to listen to because of what was there. Loved this book due to all the work involved in making th event a success. Received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

A Hummingbird Christmas (Glacier Creek Book 1) - Karen Foley

A Hummingbird Christmas By Karen Foley Book starts out with Joy and her daughter Piper who have traveled to Glacier Creek, MT to spend time with her dead husbands family. Her husband was a smoke jumper jumping from planes to fight fires, along with his best friend Cole Tanner who she just crashed into on the blizzard road. He drives them to their destination and eases Piper into seeing all the cookies that were made just for her. Joy's job here will be getting everyone to help celebrate this holiday, even though they are down in the dumps that Matt isn't there with them... They also see the hummingbird and Joy says it's a sign from heaven where Matt is. It's winter and they are not known for the cold weather. I have heard the same about cardinals-a sign from heaven. Cole takes them into town for the festivals and Piper is overjoyed. Love hearing from others who live and work in the town, such a welcome and warm community. His secrets do come out but is it what she wants to hear about....she has her own problems and wants to keep them to herself. Like how the parents treat them both and how changes need to come about as they've all been grieving too long. Kind of a predictable story line but the process was good. Like hearing of his and her careers and how they are done, also holiday decorating. Sex and romance are indicated by not expressed. Other works from Tule Publishing are highlighted at the end and an excerpt from Heat by karen Foley is included. Won this in a book contest and this is my honest opinion.

Silver Dollar: a novella by Alan Trustman - Alan Trustman

Silver Dollar by Alan Trustman
Really enjoyed the first book I read the other day by this author and look forward to more.
Totally out of their minds when they just board the plane and make it a 42 day around the world. Wow what a trip.
Joel is now dying and he wants her to be there for him and they try to make it to day 42 as their trip was.
Story goes back in time to when she had roommates and things aren't going just right and she takes off to find her own place with help from her other friends who she goes back to over the years from time to time.
As she advances at work she's able to afford her own place and takes up with L who travels a lot but they get along great.
Loved all the connections made through meeting others and helping one another out.
Relationships, career choices and life are all so fascinating as the years go by.
Like links to mystery of a disappearance til he's discovered and there's so much involved: skiing, restaurants, cannons and immigration.
Lots of action, adventure, romance and political views.
Love how the book got it's name. Can't wait to read more from this author.
Received a review copy via publicist and this is my honest review.