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Seeking Catherine - Josie Riviera

Seeking Catherine by Josie Riviera
Got this book free on kindle site, enjoyed other works by the author.
This one starts with table of contents, praise and awards and reader reviews.
Start out in London 1544 and the thing I really liked was learning new words and what they meant. I rarely read from this time period.
Catherine is in charge of the books at the brothel and we learn of her past and her relatives. She is only there to protect her younger sister.
Sir Thomas is her man, he owns her. She is trying to figure out why the book numbers are not adding up-there's a lot of money missing.
Stefan has arrived during off hours and he confronts Catherine and she learns he will go after what he wants. He had left her once before and know she knows why.
Sex scenes and we learn of how he took out others standing in her way of freedom.
Enjoyed the read-was a short one-for me.
Other works by the author and excerpt from the next book in the series is included.

Year One - Nora Roberts

Year One by Nora Roberts
Book starts out overseas a couple has attended end of the year celebrations with family and return to NY after the first.
The husband becomes deadly sick and gives it to his wife who also dies soon after. The daughter is pregnant with twins and her husband has died from the virus.
The OB and EMT keep the woman going strong. There is another group of newspaper reporters and they strike out to get the real on the street story to report on. There is also another group of people who have strange powers and use them to keep safe.
There is also a group that want the cannies-those with powers - to die. There is no hope for a cure.
Found this book similar to the tv show=revolution except this one has magic. They all learn to survive and all have skills they bring to the table to share with all.
Good read, hard at times with harsh conditions to listen to about.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Past Perfect: A Novel - Danielle Steel

Past perfect by Steel_ Danielle
Cybil and Blake married almost 20 years and they have 3 kids-2 in high school and one in first grade, born and raised in NYC and love it there.
Blake gets an offer in San Fran and goes out to check it out-there is nothing that will keep him from going there and making tons of money-he has to persuade his wife and kids to go also...
Not only did he take the job but bought a huge house, very old for them to move into.
20,000 square feet 1902 house with storage that included all art and furniture. Cybil loves the place and the move will give her time to finish writing her book and still do design work if the offers come.
They all arrive with their high tech devices and it's quite the contrast to what the house is all about...
Eathquake occurs and things are moved to new locations prior to that.... Youngest keeps thinking there are hidden passages and ghosts...
Cybil had seen the prior residents as ghosts and tries to explain what she saw when she sees the pictures on the walls.
She reads the family historical book and finds out who they all are and calls in someone who specializes in ghosts and he tells her they feel comfortable there and she wants them gone!
Like how the families meld but i still think it's very weird. What Cybil finds in the book and acts on it is really weird! Servants think the whole family is crazy talking to themselves as they can't see the old family.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Beach Club - Elin Hilderbrand

The Beach Club By Hilderbrand_ Elin
Hotel on the island and many come to work there to find love and other things.
Quite the mix of people work and come to stay for a bit during the warm summer months to be waited on hand and foot.
So many to follow and all the drama of the island.
Interesting to learn of all the jobs the men have to do prior to the sun rising so guests will have everything ready when they wake up and want to hit the beach.
Lovers, some cheat on spouses, one looking for a man to father her child, others looking for huge tips so they go out of their way to please the guests.
Things go awry and people leave as the summer goes on-some run off to other countries, some bail on the bill, some leave to try new ventures and then a hurricane is forecast to hit-only a little bit, or will it hit them full on?
Surprise ending for all.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Spur of the Moment - Marcia Lee Laycock

Spur of the Moment by Marcia Lee Laycock
Enjoyed this book because of the contents. Most of the chapters are spoken of real things that happened, a moment in time that got the author to link them to a passage in the Bible.
Devotionals, there are so many in this book! They are broken up into chapters of like things devoted to the headings.
Loved hearing of all the adventures the author and her pastor husband have taken around the world.
Author bio at the end.

CROSSOVER (Thrilling Christian Fantasy Suspense (Chaser Chronicles #1)) - John C. Dalglish

Starts out with the PI and he's taped to his chair, big headache and something, a ghost shape is in front of him telling him he will have a choice to make.
He learns a few days later he can either follow Jesus or go after the runners and make them crossover. There are chasers and this ghost wants him to become one...
This book is out there as far as my beliefs but was a good read because the author describes things in such detail you feel as if you are there.
Loved all the action, adventure and investigating as we got to go visit in several places.
Received this book free on Amazon and this is my honest opinion.

Trapping the Butterfly - Debra Parmley

Trapping the Butterfly! by Debra Parmley Bethany lives with her aunt and uncle living off the inheritance her parents left her when they died. Ten years we find her within a few days of becoming 18 years of age. They all travel to Hot Springs, Arkansas for a business day and also for the hot springs to help Aunt Margaret with her health problems. We've traveled through some locations on the west coast Sol Duc where the springs are open to the public but I never knew there were so many procedures involved. The area offers music and individual rooms for men and women. As she reads outside she meets a dectective Paul and he's warned her to stay away from the 4th floor-bad men are abundant in the area. She's agree to accompany Richard-the business partner to be on a date for a musical that she's looking forward to. She learns more about Paul and enjoyed the butterfly discussion. Bethany is also taking the baths but it leaves her light headed as her aunt has made the corset very tight. Bethany has a plan and it's the 1920's and she wants to be like other females-the flappers and she meets Suki who helps her with the plan. Paul keeps her under surveillance....during prohibition-for some. She gets to step out and meets up with Rocco and others that look and act like gangsters...Paul had warned her though...the races are next...Southern club for dancing. Her guardians have taken drastic measures...scary things start happening and she has no idea what to do. Love her choices of what she wants to do with the rest of her life. Other works by the author are highlighted at the end. Love the locations, very descriptive details, butterfly meanings, springs, flappers and all the other information I learned. Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

The Italian Party: A Novel - Christina Lynch

The Italian Party by Christina Lynch Starts out with Scottie and her new husband Michael as they are traveling through Italy towards their new house. They have relocated to Italy and Michael will sell tractors. He works at Ford but we also learn other hidden screts about him. Story also follows Scottie and her past life and her hidden secrets. Love descriptions of the landscape and people and history as they drive along. To arrive and have nothing there I don't know what I'd do myself. When the characters are talking in Italian there are Englsih translations so you are not lost. Robertino is employed by Michael to help him spy on his wife and others. He also takes Scottie around the town aclimating her to the locale. Lots of action, horses, adventure and mysteries. Just when you think the secrets are out there are more hidden. Sexual scenes and some swearing. Lots of different plots in this book, easy to keep track of them and I found it interesting to learn of things from so long ago. Resources quoted at the end. Recieved this review copy via Netgalley and this is my honest opinion.

Take a Chance on Me - Jane Porter

Take a Chance on Me by Jane Porter
This book starts out with Ty James and he has Amanda Wright styling his hair at her salon.
She falls in love with his masculine looks (she and her sister Charity are romance novel addicts).
Later Bette stops in with lunch before her weekly visit and she learns now who Tyler really is-Bette's grandson.
She is able to track him down at The Graff Hotel and lets him know she doesn't like the deception of arriving early and not letting his grandmother know he's in town.
He's a game developer and he learns his grandmother wanted Amanda to show him around town to show how much she loved this area and she's busy in the community.
Love catching up with other characters in the town of Marietta, MT as I've read all the books and other author's works from this area.
Ty is really there because his grandmother wants to change her will to leave everything to Amanda and he just wants to check her out-make sure she's not being taken advantage of.
Ty has to leave due to the tech giant talks but his mind is still on Amanda and Marietta.
Love the idea of the birthday club and what's all involved-prescious!
Like how this book brings it all together full circle with other books and families in the series.
Other works and excerpts from the series are included.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

Chocolate for Breakfast - Martha  Reynolds

Chocolate for Breakfast (The Swiss Chocolate Series Book 1) by Martha Reynolds
Bernadette is heading to Switzerland with some others she knows to study for a year there.
Bernie ends up with a very tiny apartment and has to take a shower in the landlords apartment downstairs.
Lisa her friend gets to have a whole floor to herself and a lot of other perks.
Timmy ends up with another male and they get along great. All attend college and enjoy seeing the countries nearby.
Bernie has friended the bank clerk and ends up at his apartment one night and months later she finds her self pegnant.
Back home and things have hcanged. Story advances a few years later. Surprises and so many more secrets are revealed.
She also finds out more about the clerk from others and her OB doctor. She has options and Lisa's landlord helps her out.
Love hearing of the other countries as I will probably not get to visit in my lifetime and it's fun to hear what the food is like, never mind the land and travel.
Story is good. Excerpt from the next book in the series is included at the end.

The Consequence of Loving Colton - Rachel Van Dyken

The Consequences of Loving Colton
Story starts out when Milo and Colton are friends because of her brother is his best friend. She has a crush on him and he does kiss her one time in the pool.
Years later she's graduating from college and they are attending her brother Jason's wedding-in their back yard so everybody has jobs to do to make this a happy occasion.
Milo has a boyfirned that is gay but he doesn't come acorss that way. There's always been a big competition between Colton and Milo.
Like all the chaos with everybody and how things happen from events in the past. Love how they ousted the bride.
Alternating chapters from the main characters so you get to hear each of their side at the same time.
Anything that could go wrong did and then a whole bunch more-so comical at times.
free from IHG membership

Hungry for Love - Maya Sacher

Hungry for Love by Maya Sacher

Starts out with Elizabeth Evans and she's watching the flags and knows they symbolize hope and faith.

Her husband Jessie Klein she's visiting at the intensive brain facility. Was such a nonesense accident that left him this way.

She continues to perform dental procedures at her dad's dental practice.

She lost her husband but his body was still living...helped her when she baked cookies.

They had met at a book signing and she noticed his tat on his neck.  He knew his fashion and designers.

Story goes back even further to their upbringings, their meeting and their dating.

Loved hearing of the snow leopards and the things the zoo did for their comfort.

Aiden takes her out of her comfort zone and she likes that he pays attention to her. Her sister finds out and is happy she has moved on because Jessie is not there. He wants her to bond with his daughter.

The living mess starts when Jessie wakes up and as she sublet their place he will go live with her and Aiden and the daughter

What struck me at this point is the men aren't having an argument about who gets her for sex and what nights but it riles her as they can't show affection in any form towards one another while the other is in the room.

She's at a crossroads also in her job and wants something different and confronts her father. Her sister is also mixed up in everything....

Lots of twists and turns and unpredictable situations.

Didn't see the ending at all the way it comes out, whoa!

I received this review book from Net Galley and this is my honest opinion.

The Lightkeeper - Susan Wiggs

The lightkeeper by Susan Wiggs
Starts out in 1886, Jessie Morgan is the lightkeeper and he feels a disturbance in the air and then notices something has washed up on the shore.
He then notices it's a female body, a pregnant one and the town soon learns of her living there as the doctor has been to visit. They figure out where she came from and help her recuperate.
We also learn of Jessie's past, his two best friends Emily and Granger and how things change forever one night...
Love hearing of the mermaid quilt and apples-we've always loved the huge apple when in WA.
Liked learning what hsi job is at the light house. I recall visiting the area ourselves and enjoyed the day. They do come together and with fears her married man will come for the child Jessie marries her.
One woman with many children comes with others from town to congratulate them and Mary has an idea of how she can remain in town and make money to survive on....
Mary tells him the man's name of the babys father and it sends Jessie into a deep dark world. He will get revenge on Granger this time, who's now married to his sister and she's miserable...
Sex scenes as they draw closer to one another and just want to survive the winter long months.
Granger appears to his wife who's at the cottage with Mary and David and they all leave together...Jessie can follow what happened with Anna's scent of gardenias and he gets in the boat to take care of them all. he can make it happen as the gale gets stronger and the light is out...
From NLS for my BARD player.

Raspberry Danish Murder - Joanne Fluke

Raspberry Danish Murder by Joanne Fluke #RaspberryDanishMurder #NetGalley Have read the other books in the series and know I am going to like this one. Starts out with Hannah and Michelle as they head to work. Ross has not returned and she has not had any phone calls from him. Recipes appear during the book. Love learning which products I can substitute for. Love all the notes along the way. People come in while they are baking and it's easy to keep track of them and their careers. PK is Ross' assistant and he needs a ride while his is being repaired. They let him borrow Ross's car. Like reuniting with the local folks, catching up with what they are doing nowadays. Mike the cop and Norman the dentist, once contenders to be Hannah's husband are all just friends and help her with mysteries that land in her lap. The girls answer a call from PK as he's speeding and inchherent, drugged or drunk as he drives off the road. After calling Mike they also head out to the accident scene. Hannah learns a lot more talking to others there... She really does not know her husband much at all as surprises are coming from all directions. Mike is collecting information about PK while Andrea is on the trail to find out more about Ross. Details they uncover lead to other clues. Seems a lot of people but if you've followed this series from day one it's easy to keep track of who is who. Enjoyed this read kept you going, page after page. Excerpt from Winter Chill is included. So many recipes, what a treasure! I received this review book from Kensington Books via Net Galley and this is my honest opinion.

The Yellow Envelope: One Gift, Three Rules, and a Life-Changing Journey Around the World - Kim Dinan

The yellow envelope, one gift, three rules, and a life-changing journey around the world by Kim Dinan
Love hearing of the locations and things they learn at each new location.
Starts in India where Kim and Wendy are traveling through. Like this author already as she's straight forward and descriptive about things that matter to me.
Back in time we find Kim quitting her job and her husband Brian are going to travel the world.
Three years prior she wanted to just write from Oregon as her run calms her.
Like the time they spend together searching for themselves and discovering themselves alone and apart.
Feel like this is two stories in one: one about the trips around the world and the other story is about them as they travel around the world.
From NLS for my BARD

The Christmas Promise - Donna VanLiere

The Christmas promise by Donna VanLiere
Love how each chapter starts out with words of wisdom from other famous people-touching!
Starts out with the past when she lost her son and husband within a few short weeks of one another.
Grace will prevail. Story then goes back a year and we find Gloria and she's been a widow for 7 years cleaning out a frigerator that one has dropped off in her driveway.
She cleans it out and then donaes it to another in town who is in need of one=she has contact with a church in town.
Love hearing of how things work in this town-it's a community effort.
She gets others in town to donate huge boxes of clothes to those in need and she loves that she's able to do this for others.
Love memory of Mt. St. Helens as we've visited there-new life all around.
Like hearing from the author herself about how this book and series came about. Books that help others, they reach out to you.
Love the characters and how they turn out during the Christmas stories. Promise of love and grace that makes Christmas.
From NLS for my BARD