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Claiming His Woman




























Claiming His Woman by Jane Porter



Claiming His Woman by Jane Porter and others
Contains three stories from three authors.
The Tycoon's Forced Bride by Jane Porter
This book starts out with Ava and she's disabled but teaches the children dance and ballet. Malcolm and her have a child together but she lives in NY.
He wants her to try again to come back and take care of their child. If she can teach the children ballet and dance she should be able to tend to her son.
You learn of the struggles and the therapy she must endure to get through the days away from her son. She had lost her memory and we learn how that came about. Like how she's able to accomplish what she has.
Story also follows Malcolm who she doesn't remember and he's always tended to her needs, without her knowing it.
Her car waiting for her whenever and wherever she needed to go.
He's talked her into going to St. Barts for a vacation but while they are leaving she realizes she can't go through with it. Love all the descriptions of the places they go and the swimming in the water.
Very hot steamy sex scenes as they experience the islands and all it has to offer as they attempt to work things out...
Project Virgin by Megan Crane
Bound to the Sheikh by Carol Marinelli

Summer to Cherish




A Summer To Cherish (Cherish Series Book 6)…


A Summer to Cherish by Josie Riviera
Book starts out with praise from others. Each chapter starts out with a quote from a famous person.
Story starts with Ashley and she lives in South Carolina. Love that she's a gardener and working with her hands.
She also teaches handicapped children. The man in the story is David. He's an artist and he's going blind but he tries to make things work, just a bit different.
He donated a lot of his paintings to others and so many have never been shown in a gallery. Love hearing about his eye condition.
He has to end it with her after spending days together doing fun things outside. She tries to get him to bring God into his life again.
She's not been honest with him and hides much and you wonder if they will ever get back together again.
Love hearing of the sign language and how others are able to deal with their disabilities.
Bonus recipe included at the end. Notes from the author are included at the end also.
Other works are listed at the end along with an excerpt.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

The Wait (The Seaside Saga Book 15) by Joanne DeMaio






































































The Wait by Joanne DeMaio



The Wait (The Seaside Saga Book 15) by Joanne DeMaio
Story starts out with Celia and she's with Shane and he has news for her.
Everything seems to be topsy turvy with things she thought she'd be doing...
His world just changed also and they have decisions to make...
Like catching up with Maris and she's writing again and spending time with Jason ...
Memories of Neil are here and of the past glimpses. Love hearing about the progress others are taking as they further relationships...
Glad to hear from everybody in the gang at the start of a new school year and hammer law is allowing residents to update and renovate their properties.
Lots of surprises in this one. Can't wait to read more of the area, so serene, quiet at times and salt air is always there to cure what ails ya.
Love new locations close to the ocean and it's so fresh and I can see, hear and smell what they are experiencing.
So many treasures and the new words I learned.




The Homewreckers by Mary Kay Andrews





The Homewreckers by Mary Kay Andrews
I have not read this author in a while and thought I'd give it a try. Expected a romance comedy but was surprised with twists and turns and mysteries.
Story starts out with Hattie and her foreman Cass finding out just how bad the plumbing was on reno they are doing with their own money.
It's worse than what they expected as she picked it up in a foreclosure. Mo is on the scene also and overheard them talking at the breakfast diner. He is able to talk to Cass and Hattie and they are ready and he has an inkling that the redo is in Hattie's blood, she can smell, touch and hear things just walking through the old houses.
He wants to make the town better with the redo, by employing a lot of people for months.
Great story line and learn so much from just reading about the jobs that are necessary...
So many rules, restrictions being in the historic section and some things do go right...
Super learned so much about restoring walls and signs to watch out for and what to expect if things are worse, or not.
Besides the romance blooming in front of the TV and in media magazines there are mysterious things going on: old wallet of a teacher who had vanished.
Things get downright scary... So many are looking out for Hattie and she doesn't realize he's NOT that into her...
Girls remember her, house was arson and Mo is there to protect the property. So many obstacles against getting this home renovated in time...
Never would’ve guessed who had killed the woman and all the turmoil with the restoration. very cool ending.
Received this review copy from publicist at St. Martin's Press via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion.


Perfect Extraction by Ethan Jones







Perfect Extraction by Ethan Jones




 Perfect Extraction - A Jack Storm Spy Thriller: Assassination Espionage Mission by Ethan Jones
Like the layout of chapters
Easy to keep track of the different countries intelligence departments in this book.
Scenes are so real to life as the descriptions are detailed to put you in the book right near the characters.
Lots of action, new weapons for me and what they can do, travel, strategies ever changing
Just when everything is set and the plan goes on...
There is an excerpt at the end where we meet Stahl and she's going to help Jack in an extraction...
There is something for everyone in this book! You will never expect what happens….
This is my honest opinion.

A Truthful Man




A Truthful Man: A Modern Catholic Novel by…



A Truthful Man: A Modern Catholic Novel by Hilary Walker

This story starts with Mark and he's married to Mary. He's been cheating on her and the parish bishop learns of it, his brother in law. He collects money from the patrons of the church and invests it for them but things are not so clear and most seniors lose some or all of their savings...

He is shown some information but there is much more that he wants to get his hands on, so it can be destroyed.

His wife also finds out and her uncle, the bishop. He swears he will end it and erases all messages to Rita and that satisifies his wife and he's been to confession.

Problem is others find out and now they want to send him to a different parish.  Things just get worse from there on. He had hoped to bribe a few and have her get rid of the baby...

Mark and Thomas had gone to university together and are familiar with one another. Mark is having a hard time, believing what he had done was wrong, how to make amends and still come out with something to his life....

There are a lot of confessions and spending time with the religious heads that sometimes lead him in the right direction. He is given the right direction he sometimes doesn't want to go that way...

At times the story is sad, then happy and meaningful, lot of emotions as it's a delicate subject to begin with.

Love the scene descriptions, the food, churches and the clergy clothing-when I started out knitting I made a clergy outfit for my brothers GI Joe. All the small pieces.

Received a review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

Shadows in the Mind's Eye by Janyre Tromp






Shadows in the Mind's Eye




Shadows in the Mind's Eye by Janyre Tromp
This story is about Sam and he's just returning from the war with a lot of PTSD problems.
His wife Annie has a few tricks she's learned to ease the pain from him. I was hoping to learn these techniques to help others and they do work.
When he's out and about the family's orchard grounds because he hears noises and sees shadows he is in fight mode, maneuvers he never forgets.
He sees and hears too much and others harm him. Annie doesn't believe he's hallucinating. Over time Sam has put himself where he shouldn’t be and Annie helps him to leave the area to hide out.
Her dad is helping but he never told her things that happened in the past that really put her in harm's way.
Like how the escape goes and how others have come to seek them out to help. Others who she thought were friends are there to harm her. Love that Sam had taught her how to take care of herself and their daughter Rosie and to keep them safe til he can go to them.
Annie retains the knowledge and has no clue about the drugs and who they've effected.
Like learning all the details of the things in the past, Sam's best friend Doc and his own brother Pete try to help but they get injured.
Wild adventures in Arkansas. Lots of resource material at the end and acknowledgements and about the author are included.
Received this review copy via Kregel Publications via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion.
#ShadowsintheMindsEyeANovel #NetGalley















The Road to Me



The Road to Me by Laura Drake
Jac is on her way to get her grandmother, Nellie, she's the only living relative and she escaped the nursing center in AZ.
Jack left Seattle and hopes to be back there later that night. Problem is after she gets her there is a car mishap...
Next day they get in the car that granny had bought and reminisces about Woodstock and her grandmother's style of living...
She only wants to see the grand canyon one more time and Jac gives in.
Her company she works on scents and is able to produce many different smells.
Growing up her grandmother taught her to use flowers that was woven into a crown. Her grandmother never hung around.
Nellie wants to live a lot more and they are on their way to Vegas where Jac has a show to put on with the perfumes.
There are many adventures ahead for Jac as Nellie is the one who drives the car and knows the area from eons ago.
I can imagine Jac's face as they drive into the nude colony. It's where there is a medicine man there and jack goes through a massage and analysis about her stress.
The two women have it out, all pent up past and why the grandmother left the kids with the alcoholic mother, Jack feels she could've done something to help, especially when she finds out about amount of money Easy had left her with.
Past we see a small glimmer of how each had hard lifes. Love learning about Leo and the things he does with his hands, his career and his goals.
Chapters of their past lifes are heartbreaking, the things Nellie had to endure to make it...
Love hearing about her hiking to find scents she can smell. Reminds me of our trail hiking and leaving the path to find some new discoveries.
So scary when she hikes by herself, it gets worse ...
Love the sign G'ma gives her to say all is good.. love the symbols and what they stand for.
Love the travel as we’ve been to many of the same locations over the years, fond memories and love hearing about them from others eyes. Scents and sculptures sound phenomenal.
Acknowledgement and about the author are included at the end.
Can't wait to read more from this author.
Received this review copy from The Story Plant via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion.
#TheRoadtoMe #NetGalley.

Love in Bloom's by Judith Arnold




Love in Bloom's by Judith Arnold




Love in Bloom's by Judith Arnold
Story is about the family store and the grandmother and mother both live above it in their high-rise.
Julia is the lawyer but works at the law firm, NOT the store. Her sister and mother both work in the store and have for years and have put their whole life on hold to do their jobs.
When they learn Julia is to get the presidency they don't understand. Their uncle also thinks the job will be his. He's a playboy, plays golf and has fancy cars and likes his computer.
Products of the store appeal to the community and they have brilliant ideas in how to expand and what to select for new items.
We learn of the history of the store and family coming to the US from the mother country.
The mother and sisters collaborate and come up with a plan that will allow them all to do what they want to, Julia at her law job, giving brief appearances in the store, others will work their running the store as they've been doing.
Funny that the grandmother thinks because the granddaughter has a tattoo won't fit into being president and her daughter had her nose job and doesn't fit, LOL
I keep thinking somebody is going to get thrown under the bus...Lots of clues to gather to find out who the culprit is. Bit odd genre for me, lots of drama.
Adult situations. About the author and her works are listed at the end.
Received this review copy from The Story Plant and this is my honest opinion.

Conscious Crafts: Knitting 20



Conscious Crafts by Vanessa Koranteng



Conscious Crafts: Knitting 20 mindful makes to reconnect head, heart & hands by Vanessa Koranteng; Sicgmone Kludje Book starts out with table of contents where patterns are listed. Colorful pictures throughout the book Introduction discusses the authors and their passion for knitting. Tools and equipment along with basic stitches also discussed in detail along with diagrams and pictures. Geared to helping black women this book can be used for any one. Love the explanations of the stitches and swatch that is included, in color. Each pattern starts with a name and to far left are equipment you will need, needles, yarns, and other items along with finished size and stitches used. To middle section summarizes the project then instructions, row by row along with pictures and diagrams of each and every step. There are so many projects to keep you busy for a while, to spruce up a table, your work area, etc. Great as gifts also in the receiver's favorite colors. Going to try twist head band in chunky which I've never used and have some here. Fingerless mittens are also a hit around here with photographers. Fringed scarf would also make a nice gift, I never think to add fringe! Love the section on making your own yarn, so many useful ideas in this book. Acknowledgements end this book. A KEEPER! Received this review copy from Quarto Publishing Group – Ivy Press, Leaping Hare Press via NetGalley and this is my honest opinion. #ConsciousCraftsKnitting #NetGalley

An anniversary feast by Lou Aronica




Book cover for An Anniversary Feast by Lou Aronica


An anniversary feast by Lou Aronica
Story starts out with inclement weather outside so they stay inside and cook together.
Love how they do work together, with music, I can picture them dancing around each other while reaching for supplies.
They pull everything out of cupboards and prepare a feast with many courses, experimenting by trying new combinations.
This got me to think of what i could do tonight with our beef stew, put it over rice would a change and a different dessert as well than our normal.
Weather really upsets her fear of losing power, etc.
About the author is included at the end
Excerpt from The Forever Year is included at the end.

Wilbur Avenue by Steven Manchester








Wilbur Avenue by Steven Manchester
1978 Abby stays out of the way from her drunken father. Her mother Claire is degraded with not only his words but his actions.
Story goes back in time when things were easier, spring has arrived and it's so fresh.
All the kids on the street ride bikes together and visit with one's grandmother. Love the time they spend at the amusement park as we did the same, gather all the cousins in a car and head there for the day, bringing our own picnic lunches.
My older brothers would watch out for me in the haunted house because i did not see well at all.
As time goes on and abuse hits the home front and back then there was nothing one could do...others would keep an extra eye out for those in harm’s way.
Separating from loved ones is always hard, but your first love is special.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

prequel The Hike, The changing Season by Steven Manchester




Prequel: The Hike by Steven Manchester
This is s prequel to The Changing Season by the author.
It starts in the summer before college for Billy as he takes his dog for a hike.
He tries to get others to join them but they decline. There are a lot of things Billy needs to be doing, college applications, forms and getting a job.
All the boys treat Jimmy, the dog like another guy. There is a scare while hiking and Billy needs to just take care of things himself.
Note from the author and synopsis of The Changing Season are included along with praise from others on the works of the author.
Especially love the experience of being on the hike with them as I feel with the sounds and smells and terrain I am right there with them.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.


The Changing Season by Steven Manchester
Have read many of the author's other works and have enjoyed the places they take me to along with learning new things.
This one does the same. Have volunteered at animal shelters by knitting blankets that adopted dog goes home with but had never been inside the buildings, Interesting to learn of what happens there.
Book starts out with Billy Baker and his friends Mark and Charlie. Charlie just about grew up being his brother as they spent so much time together. It's graduation from high school and they've decided to head to college.
Billy has no idea what to major in but the summer gives him the answer. He works at a restaurant but after school he finds a real summer job. He also meets a new girl and she likes him also.
Charlie broke up with his girl and thinks Dalton is the problem and finds him one night driving home. Choices are made that night that will impact many others lives including Billy.
Throughout the story Jimmy, love how he got his name, Billy's dog gives him comfort and support. He's even better than a brother as his love is unconditional. Love where the book takes them together as life goes on.
Very touching story and glad it went this way as Charlie had other options that I was fearful to read about if he had choose another path.
Enjoyed the local places I need to check out.
I received this book from Net Galley in exchange for my honest review.

Just in Time by Steven Manchester



Just in Time by Steven Manchester



Just in Time by Steven Manchester
Love how this story plays out. A man walking down the street, super windy out and speaks to an older woman on the porch and they go for ice cream.
They have many common things and spend a lot of quality time together, love little things that really matter the most.
He tells her of his past life and she tells him of hers. Christmas time is a treat as she's brought the whole family together and they heal one another.
Love the time in Pocono's I've only read about the area and drive by a few times a year without stopping. SO much to do or be by yourselves alone.
Sad at the end but life does go on and she sees that in special secret things she finds, they all made a difference. Poems in this one to treasure.
Very emotional read but has so much to it: travel, little things, older adults, thins money can buy and things money can not buy.
Title tells it all, live every moment you can as if it's your last.19
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

Just down the road by Steven Manchester





Just Down The Road by Steven Manchester




Just down the road by Steven Manchester
Collection of poems from the author. Love devoted words to family and friends on their special days.
My favorite is the first snowfall, look forward to it every year. Brings a calmness to me.
They are all very good and are emotional to me. Book ends with bio of the author
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

SENIOR HEARTS by Josie Riviera



SENIOR HEARTS by Josie Riviera



SENIOR HEARTS by Josie Riviera
3 book sin this bundle, for the older people who love romance.
A Chocolate-Box Summer Breeze by Josie Riviera
Book starts out with s short introduction about the authors works and sign up for newsletter and free gift.
Story start with Emily and she's sitting at the location where she had met Joe from the storm where they were trapped together along with many others as the roads were shut down.
They exchanged information and stayed in contact with one another with calls. They learned a lot about each other and felt a great companionship when together.
When Joe, a truck driver does arrive they share a nice meal that the diner owner has put together. He's rather a match maker. She had lost her spouse a few years earlier and she feels as if she is intruding on her kids lives.
He has a surprise for her and she is agreeable. They are able to drive to a location where she's never been, a rather run down cottage by the sea. She does find faults with it but it will do. She loves the location and scenery and just doing things they want to do, no pressure.
Most important is she gets her own room, no pressure! Love the things they do while together but when he drops her off it's a good bye as he feels others see him as chasing after her and her money.
It's a wonder if they will ever get back together with one another after the misunderstanding.
Love that the couple is older and is in the same age groups as myself. Love hearing of the music and seashore.
Story ends with a note from the author and a recipe. Acknowledgements and listing of all the author's other works are listed.
I received this review book from the author and this is my honest opinion.

A Chocolate-Box Irish Wedding by Josie Riviera
Book starts out with praise and reviews. Info about author's newsletter.
Story starts out with Colum O'Brien and he's on his way to his father's wedding. He will be in the wedding party and he wonders if the girl next door will be there also.
The story also follows Keira (kiki) and she's her mothers choice at the wedding. They are able to reminisce about the days they were dating one another, getting to really know one another.
Love hearing of her sewing abilities and how they each followed their dreams-he to be on stage in plays, her on the runway and even a designer.
Like hearing what they do now 30 years later and how things were left when they fell apart.
You wonder if they will get back together. Like Irish theme in this one and have heard the Irish blessing many times. So touching.
Love that this book is about 50er's characters.
Recipes included at the end. Note from the author is included.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.
1-800-IRELAND: A Sweet Contemporary Romance Novella (Flipping For You Book 3) by Josie Riviera
Another great story from the author.
Have followed this series and enjoyed them all.
This one starts out with Kathleen who's relocated from Ireland to NC, a small town called Roses. She lives above her new store-a tea house serving real Irish bread to name a few items on her menu.
Candy, the one who set up the apartment and saw to all the new owners needs from the US side also has notified Rob, her friend in FL who bakes cakes and cupcakes in his own shop.
He's older and not quite the catch of the day-love this that he's just a regular guy and kinda out of shape.
kathleeen has it set in her dreams about her shop but Maureen knows she will need help. Rob needs time away from his own shop so travels there to see what it will need, in his opinion to make it a success.
He never expected to find Kathleen so charming! Like the challenge they take part it. So many lovely detailed descriptions, I can just picture it for real.
Loved hearing all about starting up the business-priceless information!
Some characters from the series make an appearance but you are given all details aobut them so you're not left in the dark.
This can be read as a standalone! Irish slang words are explained in the conversations they have.
Misunderstandings and you wonder if they will ever get back together to see if they have what it takes to be a couple.
Recipe included! Note from the author is included at the end.
Acknowledgements and about the author is included. Offer to join first readers group.
Other works by the author are highlighted at the end. Excerpt from Maeve is also included.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.