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Under A Harvest Moon - Joleen James

Under a Harvest Moon by Joleen James
Not only did the title get me but the summary=grape vintners. Love learning more grape things, so technical out of all the books I've read none mentioned the refractometer and technical things like brix.
Book starts out with Phiilip who is elderly and he has a man that works the vineyard for him. He dies in the field and in his will he's stated his daughter must live there for 90 days.
Others run the vineyard but she is the only one who can make the decisions as to what to do in certain cases. She brings her son with her and the housekeeper tends to him. Her ex husband has also tracked her down and as always he's only there for the money.
Find it odd Daneille must hold his keys and wallet and anything else that will allow him to escape while he has the child overnight. She wakes up early at 3am and Nico the production manager shows her what he's working on. Love the discussion of the grafting!
They also have play time and there are many hidden family secrets...
Just when they are getting closer to one another she hands him the letter her father left and there's one for her also.
Things become complicated and they split in many ways, never to be together again...
So many different angles, I'll be thinking of this book for many months to come.

The Carousel by Richard Paul Evans (2013-03-23) - Richard Paul Evans

The carousel by Richard Paul Evans
When I learned there was a prior book in this series I read that one first-The Locket.
Have liked carousels and have gone on at least one as an adult. I don't recall my younger days as I was blind and most of my adult life as well. After eye surgeries I got some vision back and was amazed to see the brightly colored lights, twinkling and they remind me of stars that I can now see also.
In RI we've had many amusement parks with the carousels and I've read stories about the horses and always find it fascinating to learn how they were built, out of what materials and why and where they are today.
This book is about the love story of Faye and Michael.  Chapters of Michael and his return to work and college. Faye has traveled east to attend college there as they each have a secret from others...
So much loss and love as the circle forms
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Mom Goes for a Walk: Picture book for the youngest readers (Meet my family 3) - Tanja Russita, Tanja Russita

Mom Goes for a Walk: Picture book for the youngest readers (Meet my family 3
Colorful children's book starts out with the things their mom does when they go for a walk. My favorite page is the knitting one as I have finished a vest for my grandson and he loves it!
Each page where it tells what the mother is doing, the page also shows it-makes it easy for kids to follow along if you are reading with them.
I loved our walks with the grandkids as we got to be kids ourselves, going down slides, playing with bubbles, etc.
Hope author does write one about the walk with dad, be an awesome father's day gift also.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review

Silly Elephant - Peace with Bees - Nadh Poduri Peace with Bees by Nadh Poduri Book starts out introducing the elephant and all his friends so you will become familiar with them if you've not read other books by the author. Ephan is a blue elephant and he loves to eat his breakfast and then head to the beach with his friends. Book is a children's book that is very colorful. Typical day at the beach and the bully takes his honey bottle, again. They discover the bee hive and there is going to be trouble. Watch how Ephan handles it.... More games and activities are on a clickable link at the end. I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.
Christmas at the Grand Hotel: White Pine Island Novellas #1 and #2 - Amie Denman, May Williams Christmas at the Grand Hotel: White Pine Island Novellas #1 and #2 Liked the story line and thought cover was basic, simple and to the point. Am new to this author so excited to read this book and others. Love the recap of the two books in this series without giving the whole thing away. Island sounds so perfect! Love that it involves a golf course as I am a fan. . Ned and Bethany's story, White Pine Island by May Williams Phillips family owns the huge Grand Hotel sitting on the bluff overlooking the ocean. Ned runs the golf course and he's compliant on all the regulations. There is a group that wants him to make changes... Ned's sister Ellen took care of transportation..other cousins handled other areas. Mr. Hinkle and his daughter Bethany would tag along and not play. Ned couldn't believe how much she had changed over the years-she was now a knockout! They cut that night short and went to the hotel to check in-she's got her own room, early for the wedding preparations of her sister. She's there to spy on Ned, sending pictures of the golf course to her old boss who will go after his course as it's not compliant with rules and regulations. She has a lot of secrets and he hopes to find out about them all. Love her new career choice, same direction but getting an education for me. Also the history of the area is fascinating. He hopes to get closer to her to find out her secrets....hot steamy sex scenes. Misunderstandings arise and you wonder if they will continue their relationship.... Next in the series sound really good also, can't wait to read them. . White Pine Island Novella 2 by Amie Denman Pete's family owns and runs the golf cart family business. He's happy on the island, an electrical engineer and there's just enough to keep him busy, things that challenge his mind. Ellen also works for the family business on White Pine Island, in transportation part. They are both lifetime friends over the years and both just want to work and inherit their families businesses when the time comes. His father are ready to sell and move to the mainland... steamy sex scenes and you wonder how they will remain to be the best of friends ... Really enjoyed this read also and can't wait for the next in the series. I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.
The Christmas Tree - Julie Salamon, Jill Weber

  The Christmas Tree by Julie Salamon
wrote first review Jan 2015: I have read many books about how the tree is selected and how it gets from point A to point B.
Very fascinating details along the way.
Based on the NJ nuns that donated a tree to the NY Rockefeller center for the holidays.
As told from the gardener of Rockefeller Center he must search for and find just the right tree every year to display.
One day from the air he learns of the Nunnery and how it came to be as he finds a really good tree. Love hearing of the different species of trees as my family is in the nursery business.
Loved hearing of the journey as I had read about a similar journey from the west coast=a tree for America. Love the history how the tree is selected as I am from a nursery family. We just recently removed our 30 yr old CO blue spruces as the branches were too damaged to save.
Pictures along the way help tell the story.
I received this book from Open Road Media in exchange for my honest review.

Want Me, Cowboy (The 78th Copper Mountain Rodeo Book 3) - Sinclair Jayne

Want me Cowboy by Sinclair Jayne First I've read of this series: This is Marietta, part of the Copper Mountain Rodeo Romance Series. Starts out with Luke Wilder and he's been around a while over the years and in rodeos. He doesn't quite want to be in town but once the circuit arrives for the rodeo he's gonna feel better. Others in town keep thinking he's someone else, happened a few times already.. He wonders if they confuse him with his brother. His mother had told him to keep a low profile. Things just go downhill from there. Story also follows Tanner McTavish who runs her own bull operation. She breeds them and travels to rodeos for the guys to ride in the competitions. Enjoy learning all about the bull rider group as I don't follow that association. She has her own troubles, now that she's gotten her education under her belt. Like bantering between Tanner and Luke, quick comical at times! They are each twins and the commiserate with one another especially when things get even worse for him. She's so conscious of her looks and know her twin is so much better looking. Steamy red hot fire, sex scenes. Just when things are going well, before the bull ride, her sister comes home... So many misunderstandings arise when Tucker shows up and you wonder if he can even ride with all the turmoil. Thought some of the language was a bit crude. Received this book from an author friend in exchange for my honest review.

Sweet Christmas Kisses 3: A Bundle of 17 Wholesome Holiday Romances - Mona Risk, Christine Bush, Lyn Cote, Denise Devine, Raine English, Shanna Hatfield, Ciara Knight, Milou Koenings, Magdalena Scott, Roxanne Rustand, Alicia Street, Kristin Wallace, Merrillee Whren, Cindy Flores Martinez, Victoria Pinder, Josie Riviera, Pat Simmons

The Kampala Peppermint Twist from Sweet Christmas Kisses 3
Start out with Amy and she's attending a family friends wedding as the maid of honor. She's lost her job, her boyfriend who was her boss and it's Christmastime and her mother in Africa finds out.
Isabelle invites Amy to come visit and she gets a plane ride-despite getting injured before she even gets on the plane. Love all the plans and how much the author tells you about Amy's past and her parents work in Africa.
So unpredictable for a Christmas holiday as they are in Africa, no snow and no cold. Love how she quickly helps others to only discover the doctor she already knew from the plane-she had gotten the wrong impression of him.
A huge gala party for the holiday and again she meets the doctor who not only dances with her but they get to know one another better. With all the help she's been giving the area she's neglected to explore and he invites her...
Precious gift she is able to give her mother-awesome idea for tinsel! Loved the travel and points of interest-so descriptive and informative!  
Love how the book got its title, so unexpected from traditional Christmas holidays.
I received this book from the author in exchange for my honest review.

Eden Hill - Bill Higgs

What I liked about this book was before I even got it the summary led me to believe the older established gas station owner would be helping out the new one. I do a lot of charity work and often am asked about a knitting pattern I developed and I post it to share with others.
Whether they use it for personal gain or to make charity items is up to them. Nobody pays me for the patterns and I don't mind sharing.
Book starts out with Virgil, the owner of the gas station/auto repair center and his family: wife and teen son.  She's at odds with her upcoming 40th birthday and believes the things in ladies magazines about her love life.
He's worked his whole life to provide for them to learn the lot next door was sold for a new gas station/convenience store to a young couple who put a pink mobile home on the lot while construction is underway. He's up to his head with debt after getting loans for their dreams. She delivers a baby...
Other people in the community are followed as well-really rounding out the whole community. The pastor and all the work he does every everybody, makes sure events run smoothly while writing interesting sermons to keep everybody active and awake.
What I liked about the book was the different ages of everyone and how they each dealt with stressful circumstances and leaned on God to help them through it all. Interesting to find they all related in one way or another.
Not only different ages, different walks of life and different problems than others in the community. Amazing how a fishing trip can change all their minds...Discussion questions at the end.
I received this book from The Book Club Network (bookfun.org)  in exchange for my honest review.

Snow Walker (The Farley Mowat Series) - Farley Mowat

The Snow Walker by Farley Mowat
Stories of survival of those who live upper northern tundra.
Such a strong bred of people in that they are able to adapt to the surroundings they are raised in.
Loved hearing of the fifth element and how the people used it everyday.
Snow mansions, I can just imagine a village, all connecting houses, so cool!
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Precious Gifts: A Novel - Danielle Steel

Precious gifts by Danielle Steel
Have enjoyed this author's writings. This story is about a man who dies but it's the treasures he leaves his wife and three daughters that allow them to pursue their dreams.
Paul Parker married a French art dealers daughter, .
The daughters: Vinny-a social worker in NY, Juliet Bakery owner in NY and Joy the youngest wants to be an actor in CA.
His son from a previous marriage has tried to fit in. His ex wife is also left a gift.....after the reading of the will all of their lives will change...
She is now on a quest to find out the validity of the painting and to consider her choices. Story follows the mother and the children-3 girls and one boy as they are adults now and also a surprise person...
Felt like I've been on a sight seeing tour with the characters as there is a lot of travel involved to places I'll probably never get to visit.
Liked the differences between the two men that she's able to meet with as she explores her options...
Love how strong she is and how she loves to give things to others.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Deadly Encounter (FBI Task Force #1) - DiAnn Mills

This book starts out with Stacy, a vet who volunteers to ride the airport perimeter on the weekends. None of the other volunteers are free that day so she heads out by herself on her horse.
She finds a scene, a man, motorcycle down, a lab and a clearing where a drone is sitting. Alex is the FBI agent who is investigating the scene and he continually asks her the same questions over and over and that riles her as she has other things to do that day at her animal hospital.
They finally get a break when she realizes his accent and what locale he's from and he recognizes hers.
Story also follows Whitt and his dad. Whitt works for Stacy and she holds onto his money for college so he won't give it to his drunk father. Stacy wants to adopt Whitt as he's only 12 and bring him up better than his parents. She also tries to teach him about God but he's too hurt to understand...
Also follows Alex and the leads he gets with the investigations. God is present in all the characters but some to a lesser degree, some to a stronger degree.
More threats to her life and more mysteries arise...
Interesting read as I learned new things: airport ranger and bio terrorism. Love all the charity and volunteer community work involved throughout the book by many.
So many twists to this tale as the story goes on. Like this new series and hope to read more.
I received this book from The Book Club Network (bookfun.org)  in exchange for my honest review.

They Danced On (The Darlings) - Carre Armstrong Gardner

They Danced On by Carre Armstrong Gardner
Have read other works by the author and knew I'd enjoy this one. Again we are surrounded by the Darling family.
What I really like about the books is that they are about a family and there are many siblings, all the different careers, all the different ages and all the different ways God is in their life.
What struck me was the word "danced" on the front of the book. I've recently gotten my husband to dance with me, very seldom and we enjoy it, on a spur of the moment-out of the ordinary.
Love the instances in this book that the characters do get to dance. Loved hearing about the kids and their parents and the struggles they face in todays' time.
Felt such a strong bond to some of them as I've gone through some of what they have. The other tragedies I have not experienced for myself were devastating to hear about and how they copes with them.
Quite a meaningful book to read, you will get so much from it, no matter what your age.
I received this book from The Book Club Network (bookfun.org)  in exchange for my honest review.

The Looming Storm - Diane and David Munson

Wanted to read this book because our granddaughter had just visited some overseas countries  with a handful of other girls and chaperones.
Scared us to death knowing she would be so near where there was terror attacks but she was watched via other military friends of our son and even photographed at same locations as her and the others.
This one starts out in VA where Eva is just getting the kids out the door for school and husband Scott to work. After she leaves home the new elderly neighbor approaches her and informs her of a man asking about her and if she had men around.
Fred had never met her so didn't quite answer the man-he just wanted to alert Eva. At a lunch time meeting a gun is seen and shooting starts as the man wanted the women testifying in a case silenced. With her and her agent friend they have the area under control.
Her husband is involved with the new Supreme Court appointee and their lives surround the DC area. Never a dull moment. Although there are little things that happen they have time to pray as the clues come in, sometimes in droves, sometimes dribble til you get the idea they are a very active family.
Their work keeps them in the action, fast paced at times but easy to keep track of it all as it encompasse so many things.
Book also follows their daughter who's visiting Poland...more terrifying events occur as each of the parents work on other cases and their identities have been stolen...  There are many things I liked about this book: the mysteries and how they are linked, the travel and learning new words and procedures when in other countries along with how praying helps.
The one common thing is that praying to God seems to help them and their friends with their problems, even Kaeley who's in Poland...wicked good book and there is a list at the end of other works by the authors. Lots of twists that keep you so interested you will not put the book down.
I received this book from The Book Club Network (bookfun.org)  in exchange for my honest review.

Black Monday (Stan Turner Mysteries) - William Manchee

Black Monday by William Manchee
Have read other series from this author and loved the books, enough that I went and bought the other 2 in the series.
Starts out 1987 black Monday for the stock market. He's involved in many things going on, an executor for an old woman who has passed away and the proceeds will go towards her dogs, another needs IRS to unfreeze his accounts or a man overseas could die...
Like the family time at home and the kids interactions.  Alternating chapters about other cases using a male/female narrators.
Female narrated portions are about Paula, Stan's partner at the business and she's handling a murder trail.
Really good read, wish I had read it from the first in the series but I didn't feel left out as they told us what we needed to know about their past working together.

The Girl from Summer Hill: A Summer Hill Novel - Jude Deveraux

The girl from Summer Hill by Jude Deveraux
Story that is done in parts of a play. Casey is there cooking for the play participants and she's not aware of who really owns the house and oversees one taking a shower on the back porch. She later realizes who he is... and he's the actor that the town hopes to donate his time to the play.
Money will go to charity but they get off on the wrong foot. The drama of the auditions is quite comical as all those who should've won had overdone their little walks and talks.
They do get thrown together and Casey wants no part of being in the show, just feeding all those there.
Peacock is the hit of the story in my opinion as if he made things happen. Lots of controversy over things during the play and the outcome was amazing to me that the big boys really were watching!
Light reading.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).