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The Green Unknown: Travels in the Khasi Hills - Patrick Rogers

The Green Unknown: Travels in the Khasi Hills by Patrick Rogers
The story of the author as he travels through the remote areas of India. I've read other works from other authors of similar areas and this author describes the area in such detail you feel as if you are there.
Love the information i learned about living root bridges and jackfruit and benefits of each and how they make money by selling parts. Comical parts about WWE, who knew! Scenery as described along with traditional tribes and the political hierarchy is so profound.
How infants are named and the impact of our music on them, astounding!
Like hearing of the things tourists leave behind like garbage and how it effects the natural parts of this country.
Scary things like kwai and experiences using it and damage left behind by the mining processes.
Enjoyed this read so much I will search for other books by this author.
Love the beautiful cover of the living roots! Website also has many other pictures of other locations in the area of the bridges. I am terrified of heights but would go across once in my lifetime if given the chance.
Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.


Rebecca's Redemption (Call to the Jungle Book 3) - Lee Carver

This book is really by Lee Carver, not Raymond at all   Hope somebody can correct his:


Have enjoyed the other books in this series although they are also stand alone books, love the locations and so much more.
Three things I like about a book: has a bit of romance, I have to learn something new and I have to be taken away. This book provides all 3!
This one starts out with Rebecca and she's arriving in the jungle to help as a missionary at the hospital center.
Dr. Ed is the main doctor when she arrives and he has two girls that live nearby. There are other nurses and one is hoping the doctor will pay attention to her now that his wife has been gone over a year.
Rebecca just does what she's told and tries to stay out of the nurses way, she wants no conflict.
What I liked about this book was it took me away from the very first page on the plane just about to land and I felt like it was me sitting there as I've experienced small plane travel.
Very descriptive details of the scenery and all the medical things done to patients. Like how they all get along so smooth. Especially liked how they get the things they need and the trips to other areas to enjoy themselves.
Love the books the children get and was so surprised when Rebecca was given a gift. Learned so much about the fauna and nature, animals and procedures.
Conflict does occur when an agency arrives to investigate and you wonder if they will shut the hospital down...
Loved hearing of the scriptures and how that helps Rebecca and Dr. Ed open up to each other about their pasts.
Thought this was the best out of the series but all are very good and so detailed and descriptive.
I was given the book by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review

Caring for the Caregiver - Cheri Swalwell

Caring for the Caregiver by Cheri Swalwell Book starts out with dedication page and other works by the author. I've read many of her books and have enjoyed them. Love the straight forward words of encouragement as you go through the bad times. We went through similar situation with my husband who had a heart attack. I'd go with him to the doctors and hand them the blood work results and write everything down in my 3 folders of information. Still go with him just to be sure we are on the right track. Like endings and tips at end of each section. So much of what we went through is described in detail here with solutions and suggestions. Love the parts about taking care of yourself or you'd not be able to take care of them or the children. Love this book the best because it spoke to me of how I take care of my spouse daily and when he's ill. We were just raised to do that and chip in where needed. When I heard the title I thought it would be about taking for an aging adult, glad I was wrong as we go through illnesses together throughout our lives. Scriptures are quoted when they are relevant to the subjects being discussed. Like explanations of the different types of fasting and what is involved. Love bible verses that are quoted at the end to help offer more encouragement. Author bio and contact information is provided.

Miracle on Chance Avenue - Jane Porter



Miracle on Chance Avenue by Jane Porter

#MiracleOnChanceAvenue #NetGalley

Book starts out with Rory Douglas and he's on the bull when he sees her as they open the gates.

He recalls seeing her at every rodeo stop along the circuit but she's never approached him. He knows she's there for him.

Sadie has followed her impossible dreams and she has followed him throughout the rides and even went in to see him at the hospital when he told her to get out. She just wants his baby but she can never tell him. Then her mom died and that crushed her.

She had worked at Big Sky but now works in town at her own business and she's saving for a family. She works at the real estate agency also and is waiting for a man to come to the house as he's rented it....

What I liked about this story was the theme-how do you tell someone that you've had a crush on that you want his baby. She's so determined and he remembers her at every stop. He feels she is his angel-looking out for him. He'd never settle down but he'd marry her in a heartbeat.

He'd done the renovation work himself in the house and had rented it out over the years. She has no clue.

She refinishes furniture that others throw out everything learned from her mother. Love hearing of one using their own hands to make a living and how they do it.

Loved hearing of the tree where you select a gift to get for a child and it strikes him as he's a caring man and the scholarships he set up for others in town over the years. The bad memories are leaving and good ones are taking their place.

Lots of heartache and fun and laughs also. When I started reading this series the Indian Paintbrush flower are the seeds I bought online to grow myself because the struck something in me and I knew my garden needed them also. Liked the praying for a chance, that's all he needed.

Loved hearing of the activities they do during the season and finding the perfect ornaments depicting the season.

I received this review book from Net Galley and this is my honest review.


The Silver Music Box - Alison Layland, Mina Baites

The Silver Music Box by Mina Baites
Cast of characters are highlighted at the start of this book.
Love learning new things: silver smithing and the family business. Love the design work discussed.
We find Johann and he's making a special music box for his son Paul as he has to attend to some things that will take him away from home....
He meets with other family members as they discuss the war.
Johann will sign up to fight in the war-in another country to help the Jews.
Love how his wife wants to help out to help those in need-she will cook and serve at the synagogue. Story advances to when Paul is 19 and treasures his music box.
His father had died in the war...he will convert to Catholicism and then marry Clara who's also converting...
His passion is also a silversmith and the shop continues even after Wall Street collapse...being shunned because they are Jews but live as Christians.
Love how they hold out for as long as they can-losing jobs, no customers....
What I like about this book are the descriptions-they are so deep and detailed you feel you are there, in the trenches and hunched over the work table.
Love what the silver music box stands for and how it's passed from one to another over time, generation after generation.
Resourced and references listings at the end along with an author bio. Would read more from this author because they have done their homework with the facts making it an enjoyable story also.
Received this review copy via AmazonCrossing via Netgalley and this is my honest opinion.

SEAL's Promise: Bad Boys of SEAL Team 3, Book 1 (SEAL Brotherhood Series 8) - Sharon Hamilton

Seal's Promise by Sharon Hamilton
Start out with other works by the author and a synopsis of the book.
Enjoy watching home of the brave tv show and seals and swat teams shows as they are go getters.
Play hard and play at fun also. Love hearing of contributions to the projects to aid those who return to us in the USA from the wars.
Frankie and Shannon were getting married and she knew she'd be marrying the rest of the Seal team.
Story also follows TJ who's a Seal on the team and we learn of his past history of growing up in foster homes and how much he missed from being raised in a typical family setting.
TJ is the godfather of the baby girl she's due to have but Frankie dies in a mission and TJ is the last person she wants around.
Very explicit sexual scenes as he tries to comfort her and she welcomes it.
When she travels back home to her parents he wonders if it's him she's running from... Wish there was more of the story rather than 70% of bed time. Interesting learning more about TJ's family...
Then the real action starts taking over the majority of the rest of the book. Excerpt from the next book in the series is included. Author bio, other works by the author and reviews.
Free via Kobo and this is my honest opinion.

Holy Fool Holy Father - Nicholas A. Marziani Jr.

Holy Fool, Holy Father by Nicholas A. Marziani Starts out with glossary of words and what they mean. This book will entertain you throughout the course of reading it as it has a bit of everything that will keep you interested and turning the pages. Story starts out with the life of Misha as a boy in Russia and how he's trained from others to believe in God and he likes adventure. He hopes to improve by going to school. Love correlation of dance and religion. Love skills the parents teach him so he can survive in the future. Love hearing of the customs, traditions and locations traveled to, so enlightening. Learned so much from the perspective of the priests side of things. Dancing just brings everything together as it holds a special place for both. Loved learning about the love locks, have seen them in locations we've visited but never knew the whole story. It's the little things like Murano glass that makes an appearance here. I search for the other treasures hidden throughout this book. Book goes forward and love the premonitions of things to occur and I can see the world as described in my own eyes and think electric/digital age could expire. Love hearing of the electrical/electronic discussions and all the math and numbers and combined with everything else, it matters. I was given the book by the author via Book Fun (The Book Club Network) and this is my honest review

Miss Christmas - Gigi Garrett

Miss Christmas: A heartwarming romance and 2017 Hallmark film by Gigi Garrett
This story starts out on and ocean island where Holly and her friend Erin in July are vacationing at the beach.
Holly is now the new Rockefeller Center tree coordinator and it's her first time choosing the tree. She's grown up around trees her whole life having stepped into her dads shoes at the Christmas tree farm in Ohio.
On their way back to the mainland she gets a text and a picture of the perfect tree and she heads to Klaus, MA where she meets Sam who's land the tree sits on. She stays in town at a relatives house, love the blueberry festival and how the town welcomes her. B&B has everything anybody would ever want.
She is introduced to the father of the land and he and his daughter agree she can come back and spend the whole day with them and get to know them better before they decide.
After she spends the whole day learning about what is important to each one she knows Sam is set against the tree being cut down and she heads to her car in defeat.
Recall letting our tree go as well and that is what touched me about this story. Great timing and like the adventure they all go on from start to finish. Such a magical story.

The Identicals: A Novel - Elin Hilderbrand

The identicals by Elin Hilderbrand Have read many books from this author and have enjoyed them. This was start out with the identical twins and each lives on an island off the coast of MA. One living with their mother, the other with their father. Identical twins and they have pulled their pranks on teachers and boyfriends over the years. You get a lot of the back story as to how they ended up there and how one had a daughter who's a teen now in the story. Alternating chapters from them and also other family members. Due to the parents death they are drawn together and then a medical emergency where the two sisters kinda swap islands to accomplish what needs to be done. Romances and teen problems with drugs and drinking and breakups and finding their one soul mate but it's all a farce as they learn how they are related to the one couple that bring them all together. Lots of drama and I especially liked the island adventures and quiet spots and all about the fashion industry and what works. Also enjoyed the renovations and technical chat about that. Received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Winter's Bounty - Muriel Jensen

Winter's bounty by Jensen_ Muriel
At an extended familys gathering in Astoria, OR MaryJane
realizes her family is messed up. Her mother once an actress has remarried and moved form Hollywood to Oregon where her new spouse owns a lumber yard. She's having a family Christmas reunion and everybody will be there.
She marvels at how her step brother James who didn't even show for the wedding will be there. It intrigues her enough to attend...
She is able to have a talk with him when the dog jumps her but James is there to rescue her and he sets the record straight about the events...
Mary gets a gift ahead of time, so unexpected but she can handle it all...
James convinces her she needs to stay closer to her relatives and move and he has it all worked out.
He goads her to no end and she's able to handle his sons grief over his loss of parents. Lots of past secrets we learn about over the course of the book.
Road hazards and he tries to protect her as much as he can...
So much physical attraction and steamy sex scenes.
Love the locations and how the tree industry terminology is explained when spoken. Love learning about it.
Misunderstandings happen and you wonder if they can work through them...
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

The Strawberry Apple Tree - Grace Daniel Patterson

The strawberry apple tree by Patterson_ Grace Daniel
Story starting in early 1900's of a young girl and the land she was raised on and how they got there.
Loved hearing of all the different trees that grew fruits.
Reminds me so much of my mother in law as she'd talk about the farm house and all the buildings and farm area.
Very detailed descriptions of the house, potato house LOL
Farming methods were my favorite to hear about.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

A Lady?s Life in the Rocky Mountains - Isabella L. Bird

A Ladys Life in the Rocky Mountains
1873 Mining towns and other adventures on her way home to England.
Isobella Byrd traveled on horseback and met quite the variety of colorful characters.
Book contains a collection of letters from Isobella to her sister as she describes in very detail her travels and things she sees along the way.
So very detailed it sounds so beautiful. Boric acid use for getting rid of bugs-we use it today even!
So many sites are seen up close and personal.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Soft Rain: A Story of the Cherokee Trail of Tears - Cornelia Cornelissen

Soft Rain, a story of the Cherokee Trail of Tears by Cornelissen_ Cornelia
Tragic story of the life of a young child as she and her mother are taken from the tribe and are told to move with others.
They do not take her blind grandmother.
Loved hearing how they are reunited and that the white children helped clothe and feed them along the trail to their new home.
Resourced are noted at the end.
I received this book from National Library Service for my BARD (Braille Audio Reading Device).

Her Baby, His Love - Lynne Marshall

Her Baby, His Love by Lynne Marshall Taylor, a nurse looked at the picture of him in the paper and it was his marriage to another... Not the first time it happened to her but still devastating. She ends up in Charity Montana to reinvent herself-pregnant and she has a place to stay in. The house she rented is in bad shape but the elderly woman is welcoming-Dixie. Native American Joe her property manager and owner of the nursery and Joe helps ex cons find work under supervision. Love hearing of the nurser and the plants and their attributes. Joe is attracted to her upon sight. Alternating chapters of Joe and then Taylor and their interests as they keep running into one another. Like how she investigates her new surroundings, all stores have woman's first names Love hearing the meditation garden-I can just imagine it and what all the symbols stand for. She opens up to him and he to her as to their past. Her ex is not yet ready to be done with her although he's married. Misunderstandings and you don't know who she's going to end up with, including her own baby...Love Joe's solution although he's staying away from her. Love knitting, don't see that very often any more and religious interjections. Toe ring-just don't get these, like tattoos. Human chain gang, novel idea! Other works by the author are highlighted at the end. Their Christmas Miracle is excerpted and an author bio. Received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

An Angel on Her Shoulder - Dan Alatorre, Dan Alatorre, David Bosco

An Angel on Her Shoulder by Dan Alatorre
Book starts out with praise from others and table of contents.
Story starts out with a few things alternating chapters that don't make sense. As time goes on you can understand it so stick with it.
Events follow a husband and wife and young daughter as they all have dreams and things are happening that make them feel weird, lucky but they were so close to dying.
Other story that has alternating chapters is about young teen age boys as they grow up near Indiana. Funny thing about these stories is they mimic much of the way we grew up in New England as we had tons of relatives and kids to play with as we lived next door to one another. Always something to do, to get intro trouble.
Husband seeks help from a priest then a seeker who has answers that help explain things, til they don't.
Lots of adventure and magical mysterious things happen along the trail, they will keep you on your toes.
Enjoyed the read although it's not one of my favorite genres. I'd read more from this author because of his style of writing. Liked the religious interventions and prayers along the way.
Section on the author is included at the end.
Other works by the author are highlighted and summarized at the end.
I received this review copy from the author and this is my honest opinion.

The Zombunny: an illustrated easy reader chapter book - Dan Alatorre

Wish You Were Mine by Tara Sivec
Book starts out with a letter from Aiden to Everett... he needs Everett to go to Cameron and help her out.
This is a story of a camp that was once a cotton plantation in the Civil War, 40 acres of land near Charleston, SC. The camp is now a safe haven for kids who are going through problems due to their parents who are/have served in the military and some ddn't return home or came back damaged.
The three kids: Cameron, Aiden and Everett all attended the camp during the summer months as her relatives ran the camp back then. It's now her project but after Aiden has left it's on her shoulders and this year the person in charge of doling out money has new requirements.
Everett has his own past that led him overseas to help others in need to return after the letter and drank himself til his brother stepped in and got him in rehab.
She needs help and hopes he will come to her aide. It's all for a good cause...
Story is told with alternating chapters between them and at times it goes back in time and other times it's the present. Took me a while to get the hang of that although I've read many books in this same format.
What I like about this book is the location, the planned activities for the kids, help the counselors can give the children and parents alike and how those involved all come together to make it happen, hopefully for more years down the road.
The stories are hard to hear about, struggles they endure, heartaches and death. Some truths you just don't even hear about til it comes out at the end.
Adult sexual scenes. Wow surprise ending, didn't see it coming.
Received this review copy from Forever (Grand Central Publishing) via Net Galley and this is my honest review.